Saturday, March 17, 2018


A brand new year, a brand new project to share. This project has been on our mind since a year ago and we finally got down to it. We were first inspired by our hair colour which was super adequate with the colours of the four seasons, however as time passed, our hair colours changed but we still decided to go ahead with the theme. Enjoy!






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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Canmake Makeup Tutorial - Japanese Sweet Look

Hello my beautiful readers, today I'm doing my first ever make up tutorial with a full face of sponsored Japanese Make up product. Since Spring is near, I decided to do a sweet spring look with the products I got. Take a look at my final cute look. *Shameless*

Here we go, Here is my face with the Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream in Shade 01. The coverage is medium and it has a slight matte finishing after it dries down.

First product I used was the Canmake Quick Airy Eyebrow in shade 01 - Lady Milk Chocolat. Left is with my brows filled in with the powder and I love the natural colour without looking too harsh or strong.

Next is the Canmake Wink Glow Eyes Eyeshadow in shade 03 - Romantic Aurora. It is a combination of Lavender and light-polarizing pearl particles to give you the dewy look but not too shiny.

Next I used the Canmake Quick Easy Eyeliner in Black. It has a 1.65mm slim felt-tip eyeliner which has the right flexibility that ensures a smooth line across your eyes. Best thing is that you can draw a thin line for a natural eye enlarging effect or you can layer it up for a bolder look.

On my lips, I'm using the Canmake Candy Wrap Rich Color in shade 02 - Apple Shake. It is a all in one lip gloss that combines beautiful colour with glossy, well-hydrated lips. It has tinting properties which ensures long-lasting colour even after eating and drinking.

We are almost done. Here I am wearing the Canmake Lip and Cheek Gel in shade 03. I used it on my lips as well before applying the lip gloss so that the colour shows up  brighter and fuller.

Final step would be the Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder in shade MP (Matte Pink Ochre) to set your make up and to create a softer overall look. It contains shine preventing Powder which helps to absorb sebum, which prevents shininess and stickiness.

One thing that I absolutely love about Japan products are the little efforts that that they put in to for the packaging of the product. These whole series look so sweet and pretty that you cannot resist NOT buying. Hahaha.

I had so much fun doing up this tutorial in collaboration with Canmake Tokyo and I hope you like it too. Do leave me some comments on what other looks you would like to see me do and I'll try my best to fufill your wishes. Hahaha.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

KLĒNSKIN - First ever shower on Sun Protection

YES, I KNOW! I also could not believe my eyes when i received the invitation. I was really interested to see what this product does. 

CoLabs Intl Corp has designed KLĒNSKIN, the First and Only SPF 30 Shampoo, Face and Body Wash. Yes, you can shower on your sunscreen now without worrying that you forgot to apply it. Simply Wash, Rinse off, Pat Dry. They offer products for both adults and children. Pictured below is the adults version, it comes in "Fresh Scent" and "Fragrance Free". They also have a KLĒNSKIN Kids shower on sunscreen which comes in "Strawberry Scent", this is great so that you don't have to force your kids to apply on the usual sunscreen anymore. They can go out to play immediately. Double YAY!

Sun protection is very important if your child loves to play in the great outdoors. Soccer, Canoeing, Swimming, etc. We always put sunscreen on our arms, legs and bodies, but have we ever thought about the skin on our head? Yes, our scalp will also get sun damage which can be a painful episode. I remember when I was camping during my secondary school days, I would get sun burn so easily and my skin starts to peel afew days after. And my scalp was very itchy even though I washed my head everyday, so when I scratched, pieces of dead skin comes off. I was so shocked I though I got dandruff.... But turns out that it was my scalp which got sunburned as well and it was peeling. Oh gosh you would have wondered how embarrassed I was when my scalp kept peeling and people thought I got a bad case of dandruff.

If you are wondering if this product is suitable for any skin type, you can be assured that it is suitable for all skin types as KLĒNSKIN was developed by a board certified dermatologist.  KLĒNSKIN has encapsulated oils that leaves skins and hair moisturized. Positively charged encapsulates and delivery system is attracted to negatively charged skin during washing and stays on after rinsing and pat drying.

- Water Resistant
- Paraben Free Formulation
- Infused with Antioxidants and conditioners
Cosmetically Elegant Formulations
- Paraben Free and Hypoallergenic

KLĒNSKIN can be found at EHA Skincare, or EHA Clinic in Shaw Centre. Alternatively, you can  purchase them online on 

KLĒNSKIN and EHA is offering a special collaboration Refreshing Medical Facial - 90 Minutes at $280. You can call them up at +65 6235 3325 / +65 8168 7235 to book your appointment.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Wet & Wild Megalast Lip Color and Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

I recently stepped into Watsons at Raffles City and I saw a 20% discount on Wet & Wild products and I started a swatch party for a good 10-15 minutes. Haha. I finally chose 3 lip products to purchase, 2 Lipsticks and 1 Liquid Liptick.

First: Wet & Wild Megalast Lip Colour in Rose Bud and Wine Room. They retail at $6.90 each (if I remembered correctly) which is really affordable. The application came on really smooth and the colour is vibrant and very suitable for everyday use. 

I also got the Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick in shade Rebel Rose. It retails at $12.90 each and it's a really pretty nude shade with the slight dusty pink colour. The application is slightly streaky but it is pretty pigmented and it felt like nothing on my lips after it dries down. 1 word - Comfortable.

Here are the swatches of the colours and they are all with a pink tone unknowingly. Haha. These are all in 1 swipe only and I'm quite impressed with the pigmentation. Which shade do you like?

I am definitely going to explore more shades of the Wet & Wild Lip product range and i would recommend you to try them out too. They are available at selected Watsons store, I have seen them in Raffles City and Bedok Mall outlet so far.

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Kay’s Instant Fusilli - You only need 3 minutes

If you have already heard of Kay's instant Macaroni Series, I now present to you their Instant Fusilli Series. What are these? They are instant pasta for you to satisfy that pasta craving during your late nights or at times when you don't know what to eat.

They come in 5 different flavours: Soy Chicken, Creamy Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Hot & Spicy (Mala) and Black Pepper.

There are 2 ways you can enjoy the Kay's Instant Fusilli in 3 minutes. 
1. You can boil the pasta over the stove, drain and toss it in the sauce. 2. You can cook the pasta in the microwave in a bowl of water and drain before tossing it in the sauce.

I have tried both methods and I personally like the texture when I cook it over the stove. The texture of the pasta from the microwave is slightly mushier as compared to the pasta cooked over the stove top.

My personal favourite would be the Black Pepper flavour as it has an aromatic Black pepper flavour, and at the same time it has a slight hint of Black Pepper Crab taste. Haha. Try it for yourself to understand what I'm talking about.

I'm not sure if you can tell the difference but I cooked the Hot & Spicy Pasta using the Microwave and the pasta looks and taste mushier as compared to the black pepper one. But this one sure packs a punch and I had to keep drinking water because it was too spicy for me.

Kay's instant Fusilli retails at $4.50 for a pack, each pack contains 3 servings. They are available at Sheng Shiong and Prime Supermarket. For more information and the latest promotional updates, you can visit Kay's Facebook page:

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