Saturday, November 30, 2013


Have you noticed this cute Orange Interior shop located at Basement 2 of Plaza Singapura when you were shopping around? Have you heard the Staff inside inviting you to go in to grab a sample of their freshly made rock candy? Have you even seen how Rock Candy is made? If you have, that's Great! But If you have not, fret not! You can visit them anytime from now to go experience the love and happiness that radiates off each and every one of their staffs! And with Christmas approaching in less than a Month's time, I think it's HIGH time for you to start thinking of gifts to buy!

Singa the kindness lion is here at LollyTalk with Rocky (LollyTalk's mascot) to spread the word of kindness to everyone! What a Nice timing to arrive Singa! :) Welcome! ^O^

LollyTalk currently has an promotion (UNTIL 4th DEC 2013) where as long as you purchase:

10 Bottles of 30g packaging, Get a free 20g Acquired Taste Collection Trail Pack

10 Bottles of 40g packaging, Get a Free 50g Acquired Taste Collection Glass Bottle Pack

10 Bottles of 70g packaging, Get a FREE 20g Acquired Taste Collection Trail Pack + A 50g Acquired Taste Collection Glass Bottle Pack

10 Bottles of 130g packaging, Get 2 FREE 50g Acquired Taste Collection Glass Bottle Pack.

*Free Acquired Taste Collection will be given at random (out of the seven) subjected to availability, While Stock Last.

If you do not know what the LollyTalk Acquired taste collection is about, take a look here!

Take a look at the cutesy Christmas Mix ! They come in different Sizes! The 2 bottles on the left is the 30g Packaging and the one on the extreme right is the 40g glass bottle!

And they are all topped off with Christmas Stickers! :) Fret not if you do not want to purchase the Christmas Mix but want those cute stickers, You can request for the staff at LollyTalk to help you stick the stickers on the bottles at $0.10 Each and TADAA, they will become suitable for Christms Gifting. :)

Take a look at what designs you can get in the christmas Mix, but of course they are not limited to these designs, You can go find out for yourself what Designs there are, Or you can check out LollyTalk's Facebook Page for the latest updates and Offers! :)

Visit LollyTalk today to get these cute Candies and also have a chat with the passionate staffs and get Free Candy! Watch them make candy in the store itself! All Handmade with Love! :)


If you do not like Glass bottles(who wouldn't?), and you want to pack goodie bags for your parties, LollyTalk Offers mini packs of candy going at $0.80 Each! CHEAP Or What? It saves you the hassle of  repackaging your candy and it ensures the candy to be fresh!

Remember to head over to LollyTalk at Plaza Singapura B2-20 to grab your cute Christmas Mix ! Don't miss out on the wonderful offer also! GOT FREE GIFT WHAT! :D Merry Christmas! :)

With Love, M

Friday, November 29, 2013

{SPS} LollyTalk New Flavours - Acquired Taste Collection

Im sure you have heard of Many Rock Candies in Singapore by now, But have you heard of Lolly Talk? They are located in the basement of Plaza Singapura B2-20 from 26 January 2013!
With their colourful and Orangey Interior, It is hard to miss.

Introducing New Flavours this time round - Acquired Taste Collection !
What is Acquired Taste Collection? They are some out of the norm flavours, and some that you would never ever imagined to be infused in candy! These Bottles are so classy and they make great gifts!
Each retailing at $7.40 ! :)

These 2 are my favourite, The Plum Guava and Honey Lemon. Plum Guava gives you the feeling of eating guava with the plum powder kind of feeling! And The Honey Lemon Flavour is very soothing and acceptable by anyone and everyone I guess! :)

For the adventurous ones, Here's 2 Excitingly HOT flavours for you try! Spicy Mango & Chilli Lime. Although they are not like too spicy that might make you burn through the roof, It gives you a total different experience at candies. The spiciness is nothing like Mint type and it is something I would encourage everyone to try! Truly a wonderful creation, I personally love the Chilli Lime! :)

Of course we could not leave out the Minty favourites, Menthol Honey Lemon and Menthol Grape. Just look at the beautiful colour of the Menthol Honey Lemon, it calms the mind, and also the throat! hehe.

Everyone can go crazy at Lollytalk with so many flavours and the fun and colourful environment will definitely make you call out your inner child for awhile! :) I love the effort Lollytalk takes to decorate their shop so that is if Adult & Child Friendly! :) Prices are pocket friendly too!

Do head down to Lollytalk for their daily candy making "show time" to witness how the candies are made from scratch and even get to try the freshly made candy off the table! :)

With Love, M

French Culianary Experience with DETTOL

Nowadays the germs are everywhere, The flu bug and all the H1N1 etc etc.. It's scary to think about all the different germs around causing the weird sickness. As diseases can enter our body easily through the food, hence by maintaining a clean cooking surfaces and good personal hygiene will help to prevent the transmission of diseases. 

Thank you Dettol for the invite to experience a Awesome French Culinary Cooking Class, also educating us on the proper hand washing techniques and also the Dettol wipes which we used many times during the cooking session. 

At the workshop, The Dettol Trigger was used to clean the surfaces while we disinfected the table surfaces and cooking equipment with Dettol Antiseptic Liquid. Before commencing on the cooking class, we have also learnt the importance of proper hands-washing (for eg. the 8-steps of hands washing) with Dettol Antibacterial Hand Soap. In addition, Dettol Antibacteria wipes were being used throughout the cooking session.

And the chef of the day would be Chef Christophe Grilo where he will be teaching us a 3 Course Meal. I couldn't wait.
Chef Christophe Grilo

Chef Christophe did everything with ease but not forgetting to explain every step to us so that we the newbie cooks could deliver the similar standard of food that he is presenting. ^^

And also, Chef Christophe is very helpful to everyone present, he will check on us and will also come to us soonest when we call for help. haha. I hope he doesn't find us irritating. :)

And do you see the Dettol Wipes on the table? They are hugely exploited by me, I keep using it to wipe my hands, Clean my table, Clean my knife, Clean my spoon etc etc. Haha. Super useful!

With my partner in crime, Joey Ong(iisjong), She has BEAUTIFUL HAIR! ^o^

Picture with Jessie and chef! ^o^

Chef's Creation - Full of artistic feels and Tons of ingredients stacked on top of each other!

My Version, No artistic value at all. Do Not Laugh, I was in a Rush! ):

My Main Course Plating. Nice anot? :) The Potato Gratin was the BEST I've Ever had! With the caramelized Onions and Slightly Charred Potato, It was Goood. Recipe Will be up soon alright? I wanna try to do this dish at home and then snap better pictures and Step by step tutorials! :)

And Look at me! Having desserts with my Messy hair. Basically the dessert is like a chocolate Ganache with a Biscuit Stick which wasn't too sweet neither was it bitter. :D And It's like super easy to make! Wait for the recipe!! Hahaha.

Handsome French Chef Christophe and Me! :)

I really enjoyed myself at the cooking class and I learnt the importance of cleanliness in the Kitchen to ensure the most healthy and safe dishes. LOL! It's not like normally I'm not clean okay, Just that after this session, I will pay MORE attention to cleaning all my kitchen surfaces and utensils! Thank you DETTOL! :)

With Love, M

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[F.T] Sukhothai Kitchen at Ang Mo Kio

With so many Thai food joint opening up in Singapore, it is hard to find tasty and affordable ones located in the heartlands. I know there are places like Nakhon Kitchen but there is always a long queue ma, So today I'm going to introduce to you a place that has cheap and Good Thai Food in Ang Mo Kio.

Located at Blk 408 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 #01-773 Singapore 560408, near the famous 409 Market is this little Thai food joint has a striking orange signboard that is hard to miss.

Serving up Thai Dishes that is made to suit local tastebuds but still retaining the authentic Thai Flavour.
Thai Ice Tea is something i would definitely Order when ever I visit a Thai Food Joint and Sukhothai's Thai Ice Tea is one of the better ones I've had in Singapore. 
Thai Ice Tea - 

Thai Street food and Snacks are to die for being that they are full of flavour! Sukhothai has done them pretty well and They used a "secret weapon" which makes their dishes more authentic which I will share later.

Commonly order item at Thai food joints, The Deep Fried Garlic Pork is so fragrant that all the bloggers present that day could not stop commenting on how delicious it smells. It might be due to the fact that this was the first dish that was served but trust me, the following dishes do not disappoint as well.
Deep Fried Garlic Pork -$6 / $10, Rice Set $5

Sukhothai's Home made Prawn Cakes are not oily and you can really see the prawn meat in it. I have not tried prawn cakes before despite many visits to thai joints but this does leave a good impression!
Homemade Thai Prawn Cake - $5 (2pcs) / $10 (4pcs)

Pandan chicken - $6 (3pcs)/ $10 (5pcs)

With so many versions of Fried Mince Pork/Chicken with Basil Leaf in the market, where are the truly good ones? Sukhothai Kitchen's Version is pretty good in my opinion. With just the right amount of spiciness and flavour, It's addictive with the crunch of the long beans together.
Fried Mince Pork with Basil Leaf - $8 / $12 , Rice Set $5

While it still remains a mystery(to me) why Clear Tom Yum Soups are more spicy and has more kick than the Red Tom Yum Soup, It doesn't matter as long as it's good Tom Yum Soup. I would need to get my hands on cooking my own tom yum soup to be able to understand it myself I guess, But I am now bias towards Clear tom yum soups as I love the excitement. Fresh Seafood is essential in a good tom yum soup and sukhothai kitchen's version is lacking in the sour factor(in my opinion) but definitely powerful in the spiciness factor! 
Tom Yum Seafood Clear - $5 / $10

If you know me well enough, I am a "No Veggie" person. I do not like greens, which means Vegetables in any sorts. But I do have my exceptions, Just like this Fried Kai Lan with Roast Pork. When this was served I was blown away by the aroma of the roast pork and garlic. I had to try it and I did not regret one bit. The Kai Lan was fully infused with the roast pork flavour but it wasn't oily and I kept on eating and eating!
Fried Kai Lan with Roast Pork - $8 / $12

Pineapple Fried Rice - $5

Thai Food has always amaze me with their use of simple ingredients to create extraordinary dishes. This Squid in Spicy Lemon Sauce is special it brought out the freshness of the squid. The squid itself was cooked to perfection and was the right tenderness, Chewy but not overcooked. 
Steam Squid in Spicy Lemon Sauce - $8 / $15

I love Phad Thai! I would jump at any chance to eat Phad Thai if I spot it! Haha. But many places could not deliver the exact phad thai that I crave for. The version I had at Sukhothai was similar to my ideal Phad Thai, not too sweet and a little spicy, Fragrant and smooth, not sticky and full of fresh ingredients. :)
Phad Thai - $5

Highlight of the day was this seemingly simple glass noodle with prawn dish, But what took me by surprise was how well the glass noodles soaked up the flavour of the stock and the flavour of the prawn was visible too. What Sorcery is this! This was my favourite dish among the whole table of food that was presented. And FYI, I was full to the brim when this dish was served and YET I could devour it like I haven't eaten for days. It just goes to show it's really good! Definitely a MUST -TRY !
Baked Glass Noodle with Prawn - $16 / $22

Look at the table full of delicious and affordable Thai food. Are you drooling now as much as I am? YES! I'm craving for this so badly now! T__T

So head down to Sukhothai Kitchen to get a taste of Thailand and More! And the Secret Weapon that Sukhothai uses is non other than Thai Garlic which are Smaller Than Normal Sized Garlic by Half it's Size!
pic credit:

Picture with fellow bloggers present and Owner of Sukhothai Kitchen, Mr Francis, Thank you for hosting us!
pic credit:

Sukhothai Kitchen: Ang Mo Kio (outlet visited)
Blk 408 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
#01-773 Singapore 560408

Operating Hours:
Weekdays - 11:30a.m to 02:30p.m, 05:30p.m to 09:30p.m
Weekends - 12:00p.m to 03:30p.m, 04:30p.m to 10:00p.m

Other branches:

Sukhothai Kitchen: Bugis
52 Queen Street Singapore 188539 (Tastebud Foodcourt)
Operating Hours: 11.30am-10.30pm
Order/Reservation: 8141 3636
Sukhothai Kitchen: Bukit Merah
1080 Lower Delta Road Singapore 169311
Operating Hours: 11am-11pm
Order Reservation: 8141 3535

With Love, M

Friday, November 22, 2013

Movember with GlassesOnline - Win a Pair of Nunette Sunglass

Hey, How has November been for you? It has definitely been a great one for me and together with GlassesOnline SG, It's going to be a Movember you will never forget!

Photo Credit - GlassesOnline SG

Instagram them at @GlassesOnlineSG your entry with the hashtag #GOMovember and they will upload it to this Facebook album. Have your friends and family 'like' your photo to help you win a rockin' pair of Nunettes sunglasses. The entry with the most 'likes' wins! Contest will end November 29, 2013 at 11:59pm.

Photo Credit - GlassesOnline SG

And Here's My Entry for #GOMovember
My Mustache is made of a pair of my Fake Eyelashes! Have a go and be Creative! :)
Michhysaurous's Entry for #GOMovember

Another Example of a Entry Maybe? :)

Thank you GlassesOnline for this wonderful contest! I hope one of my readers win a pair of SUPER COOL Nunettes Sunglasses! ^o^

Do visit their website  to look at more awesome eye wear !

Thank you for reading,
With Love, M