Friday, November 8, 2013 Hair Studio Grand Opening!

With so many Hair Salons in Singapore, Where do we go to find the best and most reliable hair salons ?
This is not an easy question to answer because I myself have not found just the place to set my life long hair journey with, YET. But there is no harm in trying out different salons now right? :)

I was invited to Hair Studio's Grand Opening and I am pretty excited about it as this might be a potential hair salon for my hair journey right? :)

Beautiful Interior with sleek leather seats and brightly lit Space to ensure you can see what the stylist are doing to your precious crown, you will have no worries at Hair Studio.

Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony..

Cake Cutting Ceremony, Look at how happy the Boss is! Congratulations! :)

We bloggers are then treated to a free hair make over! YAY! Finally I can have better looking hair for events and the photos that goes online on the blog and other social media sites.. Haha. I am always too lazy to do things to my hair, so I just don't have the time!

Here is Adamz, my stylist of the day working on my hair, Please do some magic to it. Make it look chio!

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! Within 10 minutes or lesser, My Hair is curled and has more volume and style to it!
And Adamz applied a serum/lotion thing on my hair to make the curls last! 

Adamz also ensured me that the equipment he uses will not create much damage to my hair as it is a titanium iron hot plate. So basically it's no harm to the hair one! OMG So Good! ^o^

My Curls lasted me throughout the night! at least for 4 hours! ♥

And Also, Hair Studio also offers Make Up products from GLAM Cosmetics! From Lip & Cheek Tints to Red Carpet Worthy Lip Gloss, all the colours are very pretty. There is something for everyone! And you can only get them at Hair Studio NOW! They are not available in other places.. 

1 particular product I would recommend would be their GLAM Gloss, which features LED Applicator that lights up at the push of a ON/OFF button and a Side Mirror that is incorporated within the bottle itself. With this Lip Gloss, you can even Touch up your make up in the Club with no worries! :) Browse their wide range of products on their website now if you cannot manage to find the item you want at Hair Studio. FREE SHIPPING for orders above $25!

Some Love from Hair Studio, I can have better hair now! Thank you Hair Studio!! ^o^

I love travel sized products, super good for travelling!! ♥

Visit Hair Studio today to get your hair pampered with the best products that does not harm your hair and make it look like grass.. Haha.

With Love, M