Friday, November 29, 2013

French Culianary Experience with DETTOL

Nowadays the germs are everywhere, The flu bug and all the H1N1 etc etc.. It's scary to think about all the different germs around causing the weird sickness. As diseases can enter our body easily through the food, hence by maintaining a clean cooking surfaces and good personal hygiene will help to prevent the transmission of diseases. 

Thank you Dettol for the invite to experience a Awesome French Culinary Cooking Class, also educating us on the proper hand washing techniques and also the Dettol wipes which we used many times during the cooking session. 

At the workshop, The Dettol Trigger was used to clean the surfaces while we disinfected the table surfaces and cooking equipment with Dettol Antiseptic Liquid. Before commencing on the cooking class, we have also learnt the importance of proper hands-washing (for eg. the 8-steps of hands washing) with Dettol Antibacterial Hand Soap. In addition, Dettol Antibacteria wipes were being used throughout the cooking session.

And the chef of the day would be Chef Christophe Grilo where he will be teaching us a 3 Course Meal. I couldn't wait.
Chef Christophe Grilo

Chef Christophe did everything with ease but not forgetting to explain every step to us so that we the newbie cooks could deliver the similar standard of food that he is presenting. ^^

And also, Chef Christophe is very helpful to everyone present, he will check on us and will also come to us soonest when we call for help. haha. I hope he doesn't find us irritating. :)

And do you see the Dettol Wipes on the table? They are hugely exploited by me, I keep using it to wipe my hands, Clean my table, Clean my knife, Clean my spoon etc etc. Haha. Super useful!

With my partner in crime, Joey Ong(iisjong), She has BEAUTIFUL HAIR! ^o^

Picture with Jessie and chef! ^o^

Chef's Creation - Full of artistic feels and Tons of ingredients stacked on top of each other!

My Version, No artistic value at all. Do Not Laugh, I was in a Rush! ):

My Main Course Plating. Nice anot? :) The Potato Gratin was the BEST I've Ever had! With the caramelized Onions and Slightly Charred Potato, It was Goood. Recipe Will be up soon alright? I wanna try to do this dish at home and then snap better pictures and Step by step tutorials! :)

And Look at me! Having desserts with my Messy hair. Basically the dessert is like a chocolate Ganache with a Biscuit Stick which wasn't too sweet neither was it bitter. :D And It's like super easy to make! Wait for the recipe!! Hahaha.

Handsome French Chef Christophe and Me! :)

I really enjoyed myself at the cooking class and I learnt the importance of cleanliness in the Kitchen to ensure the most healthy and safe dishes. LOL! It's not like normally I'm not clean okay, Just that after this session, I will pay MORE attention to cleaning all my kitchen surfaces and utensils! Thank you DETTOL! :)

With Love, M

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