Friday, November 29, 2013

{SPS} LollyTalk New Flavours - Acquired Taste Collection

Im sure you have heard of Many Rock Candies in Singapore by now, But have you heard of Lolly Talk? They are located in the basement of Plaza Singapura B2-20 from 26 January 2013!
With their colourful and Orangey Interior, It is hard to miss.

Introducing New Flavours this time round - Acquired Taste Collection !
What is Acquired Taste Collection? They are some out of the norm flavours, and some that you would never ever imagined to be infused in candy! These Bottles are so classy and they make great gifts!
Each retailing at $7.40 ! :)

These 2 are my favourite, The Plum Guava and Honey Lemon. Plum Guava gives you the feeling of eating guava with the plum powder kind of feeling! And The Honey Lemon Flavour is very soothing and acceptable by anyone and everyone I guess! :)

For the adventurous ones, Here's 2 Excitingly HOT flavours for you try! Spicy Mango & Chilli Lime. Although they are not like too spicy that might make you burn through the roof, It gives you a total different experience at candies. The spiciness is nothing like Mint type and it is something I would encourage everyone to try! Truly a wonderful creation, I personally love the Chilli Lime! :)

Of course we could not leave out the Minty favourites, Menthol Honey Lemon and Menthol Grape. Just look at the beautiful colour of the Menthol Honey Lemon, it calms the mind, and also the throat! hehe.

Everyone can go crazy at Lollytalk with so many flavours and the fun and colourful environment will definitely make you call out your inner child for awhile! :) I love the effort Lollytalk takes to decorate their shop so that is if Adult & Child Friendly! :) Prices are pocket friendly too!

Do head down to Lollytalk for their daily candy making "show time" to witness how the candies are made from scratch and even get to try the freshly made candy off the table! :)

With Love, M

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