Wednesday, November 20, 2013

{SPS} Palatable Cupcake X LoveIt Pies

We all Love some cupcakes some day some time during the week, Do not try to deny it unless you are a health freak and have not eaten a cupcake before in your life. But let me tell you, I love cupcakes! ^o^

Today I'm going to share with you a cute online shop that does Cupcakes that not only look good, But taste good! Although they have just started and may not have many flavors for you to choose from, Give them your support so that they can strive to be better and also work out more flavors to cater to more customers.

Introducing Palatable Cupcakes!

As they are relatively new, They are trying their best to take requests for the moment with regards to specific flavours. But we do however, prefer the traditional flavours such as Vanilla and Chocolate cupcake base. And they are creative too! Take a look at their Cupcakes for Movember! Too cute!!!
Picture Credit: Palatable Cupcakes Facebook

Here is their Vanilla Cupcake with a hint of Lemon! I would name it Tangy Vanilla and I find it really unique because the lemon flavor is not overpowering and i could still taste the vanilla flavor in the cupcake. The cupcake is moist but not too mushy like some cupcakes out there and also it is not too dry! Its a perfect cupcake I would say! ^^

Here's Tangy the Cupcake PACman. :P This angle makes it too cute to resist not to edit it into a PACMan.

Visit Palatable Cupcakes on their following social media platforms to enquire about the possibilities!


"Deck The Halls" - An order of 12 regular cupcakes and get 9 bite size cuppies for FREE at only $30!

"Jingle Bell Rock" - An order of 24 regular cupcakes and get 24 bite size cuppies for FREE at only $60!

Perfect for both mini gifts and huge events or home parties! Of course if you have an idea of your own, do drop them a facebook message, we'd love to hear you out and try to cater to you as well!

Little things to note: 
Promo ends on Christmas Eve and palatable just kindly request for you to send in your orders 4 - 7 days in advance

That's it! Simple as that. Get ordering while they come up with more surprises along the way! 


Do you like Pie? Chicken Pie, Tuna Pie or Shepherd's Pie? I love pies that are moist and full of ingredients topped with a crusty cover or in Shepherd's Pie case, Crusty and smooth Mash Potato.. Mmmmm.

Introducing to you, LoveIt Pies - Each pie is carefully baked to perfection with delectable chicken mince with carrots and peas, it is such a delight that I could finish a small tray all by myself! The mince chicken is full of flavor and tender, Not Dry! :)

They're currently having an Early Bird Promotion where they have 3 offers for customers. 

1) Minimum order of 3 SMALL trays, would be entitled to a 10% discount.

2) Minimum order of 2 MEDIUM trays, would be entitled to a 10% discount.

3) With any purchase of 2 LARGE trays, we will give a individual sizing pie

for free.

Read the redemption terms here on this post

The size you saw in the picture is a Small Tray and it is $10.50, Medium Tray is $15 Each and Large Trays is at $25. Don't like chicken? No worries! LoveIt Pies have Beef and Pork Options as well! Vegetarian?  Don't worry, LoveIt Pies also offer Vegetarian Options which has Lentils inside the pie! So Everyone can enjoy their yummy pies with no restrictions! YAY!

Visit LoveIt Pies Facebook page to get the latest updates and offers available:

So how's this post going? Making you feel hungry already? :) I would seriously recommend them to anyone who is hosting a party or a simple gathering or picnic because the Pies & Cupcakes are delicious, I'm sure you will WOW the crowd with them! Lets Get Ordering! 

Thank you Palatable cupcakes & LoveIt Pies for sponsoring me these delicious cupcakes & Pies. All reviews here are of my 100% truthfulness, Thank you for reading.

With Love, M

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