Saturday, November 30, 2013


Have you noticed this cute Orange Interior shop located at Basement 2 of Plaza Singapura when you were shopping around? Have you heard the Staff inside inviting you to go in to grab a sample of their freshly made rock candy? Have you even seen how Rock Candy is made? If you have, that's Great! But If you have not, fret not! You can visit them anytime from now to go experience the love and happiness that radiates off each and every one of their staffs! And with Christmas approaching in less than a Month's time, I think it's HIGH time for you to start thinking of gifts to buy!

Singa the kindness lion is here at LollyTalk with Rocky (LollyTalk's mascot) to spread the word of kindness to everyone! What a Nice timing to arrive Singa! :) Welcome! ^O^

LollyTalk currently has an promotion (UNTIL 4th DEC 2013) where as long as you purchase:

10 Bottles of 30g packaging, Get a free 20g Acquired Taste Collection Trail Pack

10 Bottles of 40g packaging, Get a Free 50g Acquired Taste Collection Glass Bottle Pack

10 Bottles of 70g packaging, Get a FREE 20g Acquired Taste Collection Trail Pack + A 50g Acquired Taste Collection Glass Bottle Pack

10 Bottles of 130g packaging, Get 2 FREE 50g Acquired Taste Collection Glass Bottle Pack.

*Free Acquired Taste Collection will be given at random (out of the seven) subjected to availability, While Stock Last.

If you do not know what the LollyTalk Acquired taste collection is about, take a look here!

Take a look at the cutesy Christmas Mix ! They come in different Sizes! The 2 bottles on the left is the 30g Packaging and the one on the extreme right is the 40g glass bottle!

And they are all topped off with Christmas Stickers! :) Fret not if you do not want to purchase the Christmas Mix but want those cute stickers, You can request for the staff at LollyTalk to help you stick the stickers on the bottles at $0.10 Each and TADAA, they will become suitable for Christms Gifting. :)

Take a look at what designs you can get in the christmas Mix, but of course they are not limited to these designs, You can go find out for yourself what Designs there are, Or you can check out LollyTalk's Facebook Page for the latest updates and Offers! :)

Visit LollyTalk today to get these cute Candies and also have a chat with the passionate staffs and get Free Candy! Watch them make candy in the store itself! All Handmade with Love! :)


If you do not like Glass bottles(who wouldn't?), and you want to pack goodie bags for your parties, LollyTalk Offers mini packs of candy going at $0.80 Each! CHEAP Or What? It saves you the hassle of  repackaging your candy and it ensures the candy to be fresh!

Remember to head over to LollyTalk at Plaza Singapura B2-20 to grab your cute Christmas Mix ! Don't miss out on the wonderful offer also! GOT FREE GIFT WHAT! :D Merry Christmas! :)

With Love, M

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