Saturday, November 16, 2013

{SPS} Plusylicious X Michhysaurous

Today's post will be for my dear plus sized ladies out there who are facing the same problem as me!
Let me introduce a wonderful online shop to you for all the beautiful pieces of clothings and accessories -Plusylicious

I was delighted to be sponsored by Plusylicious as I find it hard for ladies my size to get clothes, especially beautiful clothes in the market at pocket friendly prices. I know H&M, Zara, TOPSHOP do have beautiful clothes but they are not very pocket friendly, but I do not blame them because the quality of their clothes are good! But their price tags are really not that pocket/bank friendly..

I love to experiment with many different colour combinations and different styles and I have gotten to love Dresses recently! They are so easy to put on on days when I'm lazy to choose my blouse & Pants. Of course not all material and cuttings are flattering to our chubby bodies and If we manage to find something that flatters our figure, We would usually grab at least 2 or more of the same design, RIGHT? I feel you..
Plusylicious has dresses in all cuts and colours, you will be spoilt for choices!

My Usual dress size is about UK14-18 depending on cutting so I hope you will have a guage here.

I look awkwadly awkward in Outfit photos, I'm working on it.. please bear with me.. But the dress looks really flattering on me right? You can't see my tummy right! -happy-


If you don't like dresses, you can choose the Metal Tip Contrast Collared Top! It has the same sweet colours as this dress! :)

I always have a dilemma between casual tops and formal working clothes when I go out with my friends on weekends for a meal or when I have events on weekends, I don't like to wear working clothes but I cannot be too casual too, you know? When I spotted this dressy top on the website, I loved it!!

Navy Blue Drawstring Blouse (Also Available in white)

Drawstring detail to accentuate the waistline.. It really makes a difference!

I'm loving the lace details on the top, i feel that it adds a little sexy touch to it! Not only here, Did you notice, on the middle of the top, the buttons area, is also Lace! Which is really cute and sexy! :P

Plusylicious's website has sooooo many things, I am spoilt for choices! Their accessories are also beautiful and most of all, it can fit our thicker wrist -coughs- They have Rings too! Really a shopping heaven!

Yes I have hairy hands..


What's more, they are having a Launch Special! So do check them out now!

Check them out on their facebook page for the latest updates and offers!!

Thank you Plusylicious! ♥

With Love, M