Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ad: Evil Red Riding Hood

Dont Forget About the Giveaway Below!


Have you heard of the little red riding hood that went Evil?

Picture  Picture   Picture   Picture   Picture

Now she's called the Evil Red Riding Hood!

I will tell you why she has become evil, Because she has opened a shop to sell us all the awesome stuffs!
OMG!! How scary, She's so clever to attack us with our shopaholic within!
And she has 2 "accomplice" with her! E & M!

So what's there for you to look out for at the Evil Red Riding Hood you ask?

Under E's Closet

TOTE BAGS! Who can resist Tote Bags?


 And all their tote bags here are all HANDMADE! 


Tote bags prices are slashed at range SGD6.00 to SGD12.00 now! Do take a look @


And from now on to the end of March, shoppers who buy item(s) with an orange* beside the item name in E's Closet, will get to enjoy $2 off straight away.

So what does M have to offer ?

Under M's Closet 

M would like to bring in studded earrings, like this

But she would like to know the price range
where you guys will be looking at and designs preferred.

Head down to their facebook to comment on the price range Now! Score a Cheap Deal for the item you want M to bring in!!

And what's Unique about evil red riding hood is that they do Trades too !

For more information about trades, negotiation and postage, it is all written on their main page.



Saturday, March 17, 2012


This time im giving away more items compared to last time because Im doing this with my dear friend Susie!

Giveaway ends 31 March 2012 , 12 noon !

For this time, I wanted to make a video for the Giveaway but I decide not to upload it because i look super weird in it and you can see all my fats. So in case you vomit, I shall NOT upload it! hahaha!

So you just see pictures okay ? :)

Here is the 5 sets of items for Giveaway from me!

M1: Fake Nails with Silver Hearts

M2: Basic Nail Kit from Dashing Diva

M3: Facial Mask, Apple & Cucumber!

M4: Fake Eyelashes, 2 pairs

M5: Bangles  
That's all from my side!

NOW, Lets take a look at susie's Items! 

She has 6 sets of things to giveaway!

S1Blusher from Taiwan with Stage Lip Line.
(Blusher seen in Taiwan & Japan)


S3: Pretty Hat

S4ZA Pore Smoother

S5Luggage Tag (Dark Pink)

S6Set of Mask from my beauty diary

Simple Steps To Follow!

To win one of these items, follow these simple steps.

1. Follow our twitter  @excusemykisses and @Michhysaurous

 Mention me on twitter telling me what you hope to win with the hashtag #SMGA
e.g "@Michhysaurous I want __________ from your giveaway because....  #SMGA"


2. Comment here or here post telling us what you want!

3. Wait for the Giveaway to end and keep checking back to see if you win! ^o^

It's That Simple, So Start Tweeting today!

Giveaway ends 31 March 2012 , 12 noon :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day away to Malaysia with my family

So if you have been reading my blog for quite some time now, you must know that I have been frequently going in to malaysia for the past 3 months in 2012. LOL! So I went in today(11/03/2012) AGAIN, but this time my dad came along too! ^o^

Just look at how wonderful the weather was? *awwww*

We took the Bus from Queen Street Bus Terminal to woodlands checkpoint and on the way I manage to snap a picture of this beautiful river/canal ? No editing was done to this picture okay! ^^

Then we reached Johore, just look at the cute clouds! You tell me how can this not be a good day ? >:)

Then we went to have Bak Kut Teh that my mum's colleague introduced! IT WAS AWESOME ! Show you some pictures! >:P

Pictures of the bak kut teh shop are all taken with a Nikon S2600 :)

Just look at the price ! Super cheap ! 

Honey Lemon Drink with Ai-Yu Jelly! MUST TRY ! 

Main Item, Bak Kut Teh ! Soup Can REFILL !

Added dao kee and Golden Needle Mushroom(Jin Zhen Gu)  

The side dishes ! Tao Pok, You Tiao and Mei Cai!
I TELL YOU ! THE MEI CAI IS TO DIE FOR MAN ! With that small bowl of mei cai you can finish 3 bowls of rice I tell you ! Too bad I didnt dabao back with me):

Ma You Ji, MUST TRY ! 

Jiang Jiu Ji, Also another must have! 

SUPER FULL and SHIOK after the meal and it only cost us SGD$25 ! *pull hair*

After that, we went to KSL to shop again!
We walked around and bought contact lenes, masks, bumpers and ear piece.
Then we went to Aunty Annes, LOOK ! So full of yummy goodness! ^o^

I bought this Chocolate Sticks, YUMMY! 
Another choice to the usual pretzels ^.^

I went in to buy hello kitty contact lens for my friend and I bought 2 more pairs myself!
Dont say I didnt ask you all whether you all want to buy anot hor! I did, HERE!

Haha, so I was saying, I bought 2 other pairs for myself as I found out i didn't have any more blue lens. The one on top if the diamond series and the one below is the Koni series. I cant wait to try them!

So after shopping around for awhile more, we decided to stop at Kim Gary Restaurant! The food here is nice and the environment also quite nice ^o^

Maggie Noodles with Ham & Sunny Side Up.

Maggie Noodles with Pork Cubes

Pineapple and Cheese sausages on a stick

Lemon Coke? Hahahaha.

Wonder why we order so little food? Blame Aunty Anne Pretzels ! Hahahaha!

Then before we head home, I finally went to buy Donuts after walking pass it so many times in malaysia. Reason for buying because my friends are telling me that they taste better than the ones in Singapore. o.O

So now I have 4 pairs of lens waiting for me to wear them :)
Diamond, Koni, Mystical Beauty and Hello Kitty! I have no idea which one to open up next because I want to try them all on!! >:)

A girl can never have too many masks right?

See the eye mask at the bottom right of this picture?
I bought them in malaysia at 1 pcs for RM3.50! CHEAP! And buy 10 get 1 free, so I got 8 eye masks and 4 facial Lifting masks :) Will do a review on them soon! 

And In case you are wondering when am I going to finish using all these mask?
I also don't know. But among these masks are some very good ones and Im giving them away soon! 

Im holding another giveaway with my friend! She has some great stuffs in store for you! So Check Back Everyday!!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mu Mummy's Birthday! ^o^

So sorry that I have not been updating so much recently as I am working a 9-6 Job now ): *for the money and experience!*

So that day was my mum's birthday and we couldnt decide what to have, we searched through some buffets and the timing and pricing were not appealing to us somehow! hahaha! So my mum suggested to go to Changi Airport to eat and to snap some pictures together!

We prepared and headed out with no idea of what to eat YET! O.O
So we all came up with all the possibilities that we have, and we finally decided on Thai Express! Me likey ! >:)

When we reached T3, we saw Mr Merlion with his electrical bulb saliva ? OOPS!

Then we headed over to Thai Express, I'm quite familiar with the menu already because I have dined at Thai Express a few times before!

After ordering our food, Picture taking time, DUH!
*le birthday girl/lady/aunty and husband*

*Le Daughter of birthday girl/lady/aunty*

Another picture of myself, with the uneven eye lids and resulting in Big Small Eyes. o.O

Then the food came! Enjoy feasting your eyes on these yummy food!

Thats all ! Blogger is giving me some problems then some of my pictures gone missing already ): But I hope these pictures here are enough to make you hungry at this hour ! *evil grin*

Hahaha ! Till Next Time ! See you soon !

p.s: Im going on my first aeroplane this june!! ^o^