Friday, February 28, 2014

[F.T] Shinkei Japanese Restaurant - All you can eat buffet in Toa Payoh

I would not have imagined that there would be a All You Can Eat Buffet located near Toa Payoh Library, somewhere so near the heartland. I worked in that area until March last year and I have not seen it and I realized that it was newly opened in the last quarter of 2013. Shinkei Offers more than 140 items on their menu and the concept of ordering off the menu, rather than walking around was something I'll enjoy.

Lets start off with some beverages yea? This Sparkling Yuzu is a sweet sake, very suitable for the ladies at the table, not so much for the males though. I personally enjoyed it myself as it did not have a strong alcaholic taste which made it pleasant to drink.

Something for the guys, this Ice Dome Sake packs a stronger punch and it's best drank chilled.

Complementary Dishes for all guest who dine in at Shinkei with complements to the chef, Great taste and a good start to whet the appetite.

Note: Hamashi Fillet is only served to VIP Guests(Room Guest)

Here are some of the side dishes that I believe that you should try. The Chawanmushi does not come with the prawn, but do not judge a book by its cover, the Chawanmushi was delightful. The grilled items like the Chicken ball and Quail egg was delicious and we had seconds.

Their Sashimi wasn't the best I've had but for the buffet price that you are paying for, it is good enough, what more, its FREE FLOW, no limit on ordering. The torched salmon was something I enjoyed pretty well, you must give it a try.

No Limit? ORDER MORE! -Kiasu Singaporean Mindset-

You should try their Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot), flavourful and sweet stock paired with enough vegetables and seafood to make you feel all healthy and warmed up inside. Tempura was a little disappointing except the Prawn, best eaten when served.

Dessert choices are not wide but their Ice Creams makes a sweet ending to the whole meal. Try their Lychee Sorbet is refreshing and I wish I could try the Yuzu Sorbet too but it was sold out, Talk about Popularity! The Belgium chocolate Ice Cream is Thick & Creamy with Chocolate chip bits inside for the additional crunch.

Overall my meal was satisfying although the staff attentiveness could be improved with time and experience. Waiting time for dishes are estimated to be about 5-20 mins depending on crowd.
Thank You Angie & Shinkei Japanese Restaurant for the invite.

Mon-Sun: Adult $32++, Child $22++ (Below 10 years old)

Sun-Thur: Adult $35++, Child $24++ (Below 10 years old)
Fri-Sat & Eve of PH: Adult $38++, Child $28++ (Below 10 years old)

Shinkei Japanese Restaurant
600@Toa Payoh
Lorong 4 Toa Payoh

Tel: 6255 5598

With Love, M

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Creamier @ Toa Payoh Lorong 1

I've heard quite abit about Creamier before my visit to them, which was impromptu, I went straight after a Tasting session at a Japanese Buffet in the Area. LOL. Talking about exploding waistline. I was really looking forward to their waffles and homemade ice cream as their location is far from where I stay, I would be too lazy to get myself there even if I had the time. And this first visit might not be the last for me.

A Common Sight on almost every table is their Stacked Waffles with Ice Cream, It's either , 1 scoop, 2 Scoops or I think Maximum 3. You can request to try the flavours before deciding on which one, the friendly staff will be willing to help you with it, but be prepared to get stares from the Long queue of hungry customers behind.

Waffles will be served Lukewarm when the shop is packed and I don't blame them as they are so busy. Drizzled with Maple Syrup & Chocolate Sauce by Default, theirWaffles did not disappoint despite being served warm. After much photo taking, The Ice cream has slowly melted in the cool night breeze and the waffles soaked up the flavour of Black forest & Thai Ice Tea Ice cream, delicious.

Definitely going back on a non-peak period to get my waffles served hot and also to try out other bites and nibbles on the menu! 

With Love, M

{SPS} Mantholathum Acnes Skincare


Hey ladies and gentlemen!
Had enough of skin problem like acne breaking out on a important date or just waking up everyday, and look into the mirror and go "URGH MY SKIN!!" I have that problem too! But now there's a Solution! TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !

Introducing Acnes Creamy Wash & Acnes Sealing Jell.
 Acnes Medicated Skincare is the #1 Medicated Skincare Brand in Japan! It is formulated to inspire one's skin confidence to it's highest levels. A one-stop solution kept in one product that helps to boost one's confident and to keep the face looking clean.

Now more about these 2 products:

Acnes Creamy Wash:
- Help prevents pimples!
- Remove Dirt, Oil & Impurities!
- Anti-Bacterial!

Acnes Sealing Jell:
- Prevent Acne Formation
- Anti-Acne Treatment
- Tighten pores!!

OMG! How Great a Product! If we continue to use these, Im sure we would all wake up to Cleaner and Beautiful Skin! And did I mention that Acnes Skincare is Suitable for Guys too? SO COME ON GIRLS~ COME ON BOYS~ Come On Come On Get your Acnes Skincare~ Acnes Skincare~

No more Breakouts and applying make up would be so much easier!


[F.T] Bugis Junction Food Trail Part 2

So here's Part 2 of the food trail at Bugis Junction!
Are you ready to continue the last 5 Stops with me? :D
YES? Lets Go ! (Please Pardon me if there are any Typo Errors or Whatever Mistakes, Please Feel free to let me know and I'll change!)

6th Stop: NYDC

BooBoo Cake. 
ALL Chocolatey Goodness Layered with Chocolate Mousse and Moist Chocolate Cake,
You dont try you will Regret X 100000 !! How can you reject Chocolate Cake??

Just Look at it! *Drools*

Gold Mine Cheesecake!
Every mouthful of this cake makes me feel Ultra Super Guilty But I figure that it is Super worth the calories because its really rich, almost like eating a Piece of Cheese!

Thin Layer of Chocolate on the top makes it perfect.

Do you like Threesomes? LOLOL ! This Mudpie here is called THREESOME!
Filled with Cookies & Cream Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice cream and Vanilla Ice Cream? If I never remember wrongly, Its such a sweeeeeet mudpie, soooo suitable for a lady!

Jedai Master
Zeng Zeng Zeng, The Master of Mudpies have arrived!
Double Chocolate Chip & Macadamia nut Ice Cream on a Oreo Base with Cookie Chunks !

Cute Decor at the Bugis Junction Outlet! Cute Piggys! ^o^

Beautiful Corner at nydc, great for Camwhoring! LOLOL!!

Are the Cakes Sweet Enough For You? :P
 Lets get on to the more Savory food Now!

7th Stop: Fish & Co. 
(Seafood in a Pan)

Hurray for their New Menu!

Look at me, Im a FAT Pirate! ARGHHHHHHH ! HAHAHAHA!

Okay, Enough of me, Lets get on with the food!!

Mussels with Spicy Marinara Sauce! Not Very Spicy! Good!

Soft Shell Crab Salad! I like how the Veggies balances out the oiliness of the Crab! ^^

Clams with Curry Butter! SUPER AROMATIC LA ! I had quite afew of these! OOPS!

Bombay Fish & Chips! Looks Very BOMB hor? Hahahaha! Fresh Fish Used Okay!
I feel that the Batter used is different from other Fish & Chip that I have eaten! :D

Shrimp & Clams Aglio Olio! YUMS! Everything is So Fresh! 
I love Aglio Olio la, So abit Bias here lor! *Thumbs Up*

Black Pepper Baked Rice. Mmmmmm Cheesy Goodness.
Black Pepper Lovers PLEASE ORDER THIS!!! 

Everything you need in this platter! Great For Sharing with Friends Too!!

Grilled Peri Peri Chicken With Scallops! THE SCALLOPS ARE BIG!!!!
And Pssst! The Mash Potato is so smooooooth Until~~~~ Everyone was fighting over it! So Now You Know How Good It is Even though we were all almost exploding! :)

Grilled Fish With Ebiko
BRAND NEW DISH THAT WAS JUST LAUNCHED ON MONDAY! We Got To Try It First! YAY Blogger Privilege! :P I will Definately Go Back for this! $16.90 ONLY~
Psst! Got the Super Yummy Mash Potato ALSO !! YAY!

Randomly Took a Photo with the Nice Friendly Staff at Fish & Co. :)

Bloop Bloop, Our Tummies were almost Exploding by Now! \ ^O^ /

8th Stop: HonGuo

Famous for their 状元过桥米线  ! Look  at the amount of Ingredients to add in!

Milky Coloured Soup Base with A Special noodle which taste like Thick Bee Hoon! Oops!

Sze Chuan Chicken In Basket! BOMBDIGIDDY Spicy! OMG! Not The Best Sze Chuan Chickem I had but It's passable! :)

XO Fried Seafood Noodle
I like this noodle! It doesn't have the noodle Flour Taste(LOL) and is very Yummy lor! Wont Get Drunk one la! :D:D

Minced Pork Lettuce Wrap! Fresh Lettuce Pieces with Slightly Spicy Minced Pork and Long Beans Mixture, Something like Korean BBQ Maybe? :D

Pumpkin Fries with Salted Egg!
LOL! The bad Point of this dish is that the Salted Egg Yolk is not Coated Evenly around the fried Pumpkin, But Nevermind, You just Scoop in to your spoon and eat together, Super Bomb One! *Thumbs Up*

I Forgot What's My Drink Called, I think its called Something Lime Cooler one.
Very Refreshing, Didnt Get to finish this dish becos Too Full liao my Tummy! LOL!

So Hows Chinese Food For Your Liking?
Lets Go On To Snacks! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

9th Stop: Yummi Bites!
Craving for your Fried Nian Gao or Fried Green Bean Cake?
Head down To Yummi Bites to get your Cravings Satisfied!

They also have Fried Cheese, Fried Curry Bombs and Fried Ice Cream which is made upon Order so that It Stays FRESH! WOW!

*Phew* Finally Reaching The Last Stop already!

10th Stop: Maggie Moo

We were give many Different Scoops of Ice Cream to Taste But I lost Count Of How Many and Didnt Get to Take a Picture of them all!
But What I like About Maggie Moo is that They Have Many Many Creative Flavours Like Red Velvet and Cotton Candy Which Makes You Have a Blue Mouth Afterwards, Something Like Avatar Transformation in Your Mouth! LOL!!

We got to try their MilkShake as Well But We did not Take A Picture Because we all Gulped down the Sample Sized Milkshake within seconds, Okay Maybe it was just me. :O But I like how their milkshakes are not too thick and Creamy like others and dies not taste like just Melted Ice Cream! :D
*Wipes Sweat* Im Finally Done With the 10 Places My Dear Reader!
Do you feel a sense of Relieve just like me? Hahahaha!
I will Update the Prices of the Dishes soon okay? If you have Any Questions, Feel free to ask me in the comments below or Tweet me or What ever ways you can! 
Hahahaha! Ending off with picture of some of the Bloggers that day, Did not manage to take picture with all of them! ><

Till Then, Eat On!

With Love, M