Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{SPS} Beauty in the Eyes Launch!

With so many awesome korean brands coming up in the market, We are all spoilt for choices and what If a certain product is so raved but we cant get it in Singapore? We have to rely on Online websites that bring in that product so that we can purchase it right? But the problem will be that will these websites be trustable? Oh my god, too many factors to consider!

I love to shop in the beauty shops regardless of Online or Offline because I can Try, Smell and Feel the products Offline and I can read about the latest products reviews online. I find it really important to read product reviews first before purchasing anything online or anything that you want to try on your face. I mean our face is very important right? :) 

1 product to share with you all will be this GEM MIRACLE Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask! This Brand is recently Endorsed by G-Dragon and I must say this product has included a rare and wonderful ingredient - Black Pearl. Black Pearl Extract Improves Moisture, Nutrition and Skin Tone, Removes Dead Skin Cells and Rejuvenate Skin and it provides radiance to skin! Such a Wonderful product and Available on Beauty In The Eyes Website here (Direct Link) !

Something cute we did with the bubbles of the Bubble Mask. 

Korean Brands are so popular now a days and many Kpop stars are endorsing them which makes the product so much more marketable and known to the rest of the world. And I'm Grateful that Beauty In The Eyes is here for us to be able to reach for those Korean Beauty Products that we crave for, and Saving our hassle of flying there or troubling our friends who are flying to korea to get the products we want! This is like a major plus point for me because I hate troubling my friends unless I really need to!

Thank You Beauty In The Eyes for hosting us ladies and introducing us to some of the awesome products they are selling on their website. As they are new, they are still on their way to add more great products to their database, so be sure to keep a look out for them! I shall end this post with the group shots with the beautiful ladies and the great team of Beauty In The Eyes!

Do visit Beauty In The Eyes for affordable beauty products alllllll the way from KOREA, Exciting Offers Awaits You, Some products have more than 40% off the market price! Visit Beauty In The Eyes Facebook Page for Freebies! SO WHY NOT? Annyeong.. ^^

With Love, M