Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[F.T] Irvin Seafood House - Claypot Fish head

I went to Irvins Live Seafood House for a tasting the other day, One of the last few "jobless" days of mine before I started work, where I am now.. :)

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We were served  the Fish Head Soup in Claypot. Looking at it makes me want to dive in because I SIMPLY LOOOOOOVE Milky Looking Soup with Fish In It! Hahahaha! And it Did not Disappoint me with it's rich broth and the flavourful pieces of lightly fried fish, paired with the unlimited amount of vegetables, I could easily finish up 2 bowls of rice. Ooops. :P

This Serving can serve up to 2-3 Hungry Man or a Family of 4 or a Group of 5-6 Girls! Depending on you appetite and also your options for your meal there :) It Costs $32.80 for this HUGE POT of Goodness.

And If you do not like soupy stuffs, Here is a Claypot Braised Fish Head, something that would be good for going on rice for young children. And Also Filled to the Brim with Ingredients, Its Sooooooo Worth every drop. Compared to the milky soup base, this one will make me continue to eat it because the milky soup will fill me tummy up faster, But I Still Love BOTH! \(^o^)/

So Please Head down to Irvin's Live Seafood House to try out these 2 Delectable Claypot dishes that will make you think of it on a random day. Located beside Leban HK, a Cafe style Shop under the Same Owner, I have heard some good food stories of it there but I have yet to make it there. I will definitely go back for their Salted Egg Fries and Salted Egg Crab! :P

Psst, Did I say that I feel that this 2 dish is such a healthy and non sinful meal? YAY! Indulgence at it's best.

With Love, M