Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[F.T] Dudu Dessert Chinese Desserts (closed)

It's not s surprise to anyone If I said that chinatown is the place to visit for all things Chinese, Even the western countries have their own version of "Chinatown" that serves up Chinese Food. Although the fare may not be as good as one may expect but there might still be some saving grace here or there right?

Today I am going to introduce you a place for Chinese Desserts if you happen to be around Chinatown :)

Dudu Desserts
20 Trengganu Street
#01-01, S058479

Located behind the Santa Grand Hotel Chinatown, This Shop would be hard to miss since its the first shop along the stretch of shophouses. Serving up Chinese desserts to cool off the hot and Sunny Weather in Singapore and also some local fare and juices etc.

Mango Mini Mochi, Little Balls of Mochi that adds that extra Chewiness to this dessert, topped off with mango ice cream in a pool of mango juice and Cubes of Sweet Mango, I must Say we are lucky mango is in season now! Cos they are not too sour! ^o^

Black Sesame Paste with Black Glutinous Rice. Smooth & Chewy Goodness.

Mango Pancake, Thick Skin wrapping Cream and Mango. Saving Grace was the mango, and I wish the Cream was substituted with Vanilla Ice Cream Though

Durian & Thai Glutinous rice on a bed of milky shaved ice. 
Great to cool off this Oven Temperature in Singapore Now.

Another Alternative if you don't like Durian would be Grass Jelly and Glutinous Rice on Milky Shaved Ice.
I personally prefer this ^^

Recommended Drinks there, Fruit Juice, Because It's Healthier Right? :)
Red Watermelon Juice Blended.

The Drink in the foreground is Coconut and Mango Something drink. Its good for those adventurous people.
The one in the back peeking out is the one I would Recommend Everyone to Order, Its their Kiwi Ice Blended Juice, Not Too Sour and Very Fragrant. :)

Hope you enjoy reading this post as I am very busy recently that I hardly have time to blog, I dont even have time to turn on my laptop to edit my pictures although I have so much things I wanna Share With You Guys!
I will be Missing In Action For Awhile, I might Try to Squueze out some Short & Sweet posts so that you guys still remember me. :P

With Love, M