Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[F.T] Mother's Day Menu at MEDZ

Medzs Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, #B2-01 to 03 / #B2-30 to 43 
Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

The 200-seat self-service dining restaurant, located at Orchard Central, is the first restaurant in Singapore to serve up various Mediterranean fare – such as Spanish, Moroccan, French, Turkish and Greek − in a one-stop, integrated open dining concept, providing a colourful, exotic dining experience 

They have a wide array of Desserts for you to end the meal with something sweet.

So I was invited to Medzs to try out their mother's day menu 2013 and I am quite impressed with their food as it was my first visit to Medzs!

This is a welcome drink for all mothers who dine at Medz ordering the Mother's Day Menu which is available on 12th May 2013 Lunch & Dinner! Its a Lemongrass-y Orange Juice drink, very nice ! Even a non lemongrass liker like me, also finished the drink! Its Gooooooooood!

Something nice from Medzs
Crispy Bread Slices with 3 different dips ! :) I like the Truffle & Cream one Best!

Ding Ding ! Calling Meat Lovers! Calling Meat Lovers! This French Family Meat Platter will satisfy all your meaty cravings at one go! Tender Beef, Crispy Pork Belly, Flavourful Pork Ribs, with the 3 different Side dishes to go along, this would be a platter suitable for the "Carnivorous" families! Hahaa.
French Family Meat Platter - $48.80
Combination of Pan-fried Duck Confit, Crispy Pork Belly, AUS Wagyu Beef Rump, Roasted Pork Ribs with Roasted WildMushrooms, Roasted Potatoes & Green Leaf Salad.

Next Up, lets take a dive underwater~ LOL! No la! Its the Greek XXL Seafood Platter coming your way! Just look at the Great Crab Legs and Muscles and Salmon Head and Live Prawns and Squids, Such a delight to be able to feast on them all on 1 platter at below $50!! WORTH Anot? YES !!
Greek XXL Seafood Platter - $49.80
Mixed Seafood Platter with Butter Grilled King Crab, Salmon Head. Sea Bass, Sea Bream, Snapper, Blue Mussels, Fresh Live Prawns with Braised Tomato Aubergine & Watercress Salad and Mash Potato

And the Side dishes are really refreshing to the taste buds especially the watercress salad. But I have a recommendation! GO for the Mash Potato! Super Duper Creamy/fluffy texture with just the right amount of seasoning, Im craving for it now!

Now, I would always love to end off my meals with Dessert, I'm sure my mum would think the same! With this Dessert Platter, It will take you(and your mum) to another world. LOL. All the desserts here are specially selected and are all not too sweet so your mum wont nag at you for causing her Diabetes*choy choy* 1 thing I would love to recommend is the Creme Brulee and the Churros! Medzs have really good churros!
Dessert Platter - $21.90
Taste of Lychee Roase Panna Cotta, Churros with Chocolate Sauce, Red Velvet Cake, Earl Grey Creme Brulee & Chocolate Brownie.

Thats all for the Mother's Day Menu but I would like to share with you something I was introduced by Superfinefeline that day. 

It is this!! Brother's Toffee Apple Cider, 4%!
Not too strong for a simple family gathering and i tell you, I'm in love with this Cider! The slight sweetness of the apple and the toffee taste comes afterwards, it makes it such a delight to have this along with all the ladies present that night! So If you are heading down, Please Order this!! ^o^

Here's a Cheers to all Mummies in the World! ^^

Beautiful ladies: Superfinefeline, Shareen Tan, CelestialDelish, ME, Carman, Christina

With Love, M