Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[F.T] BlissHouse Blogger Event

Bliss House Blogger's Event. 
I'm sure glad I made it there because it's so beautiful! I wanna have my ROM there! :P

Just look at the entrance!! Beautiful !!!
With me in the picture, MORE NICE! LOL!

Every girl once dream of being in a carriage after watching disney princess movies 

Food time! haha! Such a Abrupt ending to the Nice Surroundings introduction. LOL!

Im happy that BlissHouse Served us yummy Canapes which did not make us feel bloated ^o^ Love Love This Place!

After the nom noms, its Craft time!

I Have to tell you, It's been ages since I did crafts and it took me like 10 minutes to put the thread through the needle with the help of the teacher summore. WTH.

Here's what the starting looks like. I'm not pleased, so I bought home another pack to do again soon! :)

Here I am with the beautiful Host of the Night, Jojo, Chio right?? ^^
(I can make 2 of her? -.-''')

Haha, anyway, Thank you to Blisshouse for this invite to such a beautiful place and I am also invited for their Grand Opening as well!
Will Blog about that abit later ^^

With Love, M