Friday, February 28, 2014

[F.T] Shinkei Japanese Restaurant - All you can eat buffet in Toa Payoh

I would not have imagined that there would be a All You Can Eat Buffet located near Toa Payoh Library, somewhere so near the heartland. I worked in that area until March last year and I have not seen it and I realized that it was newly opened in the last quarter of 2013. Shinkei Offers more than 140 items on their menu and the concept of ordering off the menu, rather than walking around was something I'll enjoy.

Lets start off with some beverages yea? This Sparkling Yuzu is a sweet sake, very suitable for the ladies at the table, not so much for the males though. I personally enjoyed it myself as it did not have a strong alcaholic taste which made it pleasant to drink.

Something for the guys, this Ice Dome Sake packs a stronger punch and it's best drank chilled.

Complementary Dishes for all guest who dine in at Shinkei with complements to the chef, Great taste and a good start to whet the appetite.

Note: Hamashi Fillet is only served to VIP Guests(Room Guest)

Here are some of the side dishes that I believe that you should try. The Chawanmushi does not come with the prawn, but do not judge a book by its cover, the Chawanmushi was delightful. The grilled items like the Chicken ball and Quail egg was delicious and we had seconds.

Their Sashimi wasn't the best I've had but for the buffet price that you are paying for, it is good enough, what more, its FREE FLOW, no limit on ordering. The torched salmon was something I enjoyed pretty well, you must give it a try.

No Limit? ORDER MORE! -Kiasu Singaporean Mindset-

You should try their Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot), flavourful and sweet stock paired with enough vegetables and seafood to make you feel all healthy and warmed up inside. Tempura was a little disappointing except the Prawn, best eaten when served.

Dessert choices are not wide but their Ice Creams makes a sweet ending to the whole meal. Try their Lychee Sorbet is refreshing and I wish I could try the Yuzu Sorbet too but it was sold out, Talk about Popularity! The Belgium chocolate Ice Cream is Thick & Creamy with Chocolate chip bits inside for the additional crunch.

Overall my meal was satisfying although the staff attentiveness could be improved with time and experience. Waiting time for dishes are estimated to be about 5-20 mins depending on crowd.
Thank You Angie & Shinkei Japanese Restaurant for the invite.

Mon-Sun: Adult $32++, Child $22++ (Below 10 years old)

Sun-Thur: Adult $35++, Child $24++ (Below 10 years old)
Fri-Sat & Eve of PH: Adult $38++, Child $28++ (Below 10 years old)

Shinkei Japanese Restaurant
600@Toa Payoh
Lorong 4 Toa Payoh

Tel: 6255 5598

With Love, M