Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[F.T] Big Bear Bistro & Bar in Bugis

Was Invited to Big Bear Bistro located in the lane opposite Bugis Junction's Toast Box, Tan Quee Lan Street.
Right Beside a shop selling party Stuffs, Big Bear is a beautiful restaurant with clear glass and upon stepping in, it gives one a cozy feeling, something like going to your Best Friend's House kind of feeling.

Mushroom Soup ($8.90)
Mushroom soup created with food sciences in mind where you get to enjoy the rich and creamy mushroom soup and it gets thin and palatable down the bowl. Tiny Bits of mushroom in every mouthful, its not hard to not love this as I love my mushroom soups this way.

Big Bear’s Salad ($10.90)
Tossed salad served with poached egg coupled with savoury cold cut meats with a touch of fruity balsamic sauce. I would say its Good even on its own ! The pieces of Ham, Croutons and Bacon Bits and the balsamic sauce match together pretty well.

Calamari Fries ($10.90) 
Dry batter squid fries served with homemade tartar sauce. I could not STOP! I have not come across Calamari in Strips, this was so good, the calamari was cooked to perfection!

Fish Fingers ($9.90)
Soft juicy dory fish fingers wrapped in a secret recipe hand whisked beer batter, served with orange mustard sauce. Fish lovers, I would recommend this to all of you! Dip the fish in the orange mustard sauce for a different level of flavour.

Black Maiden ($15.90)
Pacific John Dory fish served with a unique black pepper sauce designed to complement the fish and not overwhelming it, served with cheesy baked potato and a side of salad. I normally love my fish but this dish did not win me over, although the sauce really complements the fish really well.
Black Maiden is a Chef’s creation dedicated to a girl in his life that didn’t like black pepper sauce. The Black Maiden is best served with Maiden’s Tears, a concoction of Espresso and Coke, specially crafted to complement this dish.

Hawaii Pork ($16.90)
Pork Collar marinated with a Caribbean fusion marinate served with pineapple sauce.
Pork and Pineapple sauce can never go wrong! The pork collar was tender and infused with flavours, One of my favourite dish of the night! Im craving for it even now! Served on the side the baked potato with cheese is awesomely good as well!

Bears love Chips ($13.90)
Soft juicy dory fish wrapped in a secret recipe hand whisked beer batter, served with fried potato strips, a side of salad and orange mustard sauce.
 Looks Familiar? This is the upsized portion of the fish fingers before. If you are going with a group of friends, I would recommend the fish fingers! They taste as awesome nonetheless.

Meltique Strip Loin Steak ($16.90)
New Zealand Beef (We chose: Medium rare) on a bed of mash potatoes, served with red wine wholegrain mustard sauce. Mmmmm, a delight in every bite, Remember to inform the waiter of the done-ness for your steak to enjoy it to the fullest.

Norwegian Salmon ($17.90)
Norwegian Salmon fillet served with a herb-butter gherkin sauce.
 I love the herb butter gherkin sauce with the salmon that is just nicely cooked, not over done. 

Bacon Aglio Olio ($11.90)
Spaghetti tossed in olive oil, garlic and pepper topped with bacon slices.
A little on the Dry side, but the they were generous on the Bacon. The strong Garlic flavour was good too!

Creamy Cheese Pasta ($14.90)
3 Cheeses (Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Cheddar) pasta tossed in a rich creamy sauce topped with bacon slices. TRIPLE CHEESE, You've Heard me! Although infused with 3 different types of cheese, this creamy cheese pasta is no where near gelat. I think I could finish it up although creamy pastas will never be my first choice when it comes to pasta. :)

Banana Sabayon ($13.80)
A new twist in banana dessert covered in a unique egg sauce served with vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce. THIS HAS TO BE MAGICAL! How did a Egg Sauce complement the Fresh Banana So much? Eat it with or without the Vanilla Ice Cream, This dish made us order a second! *slurps*

Red wine poached pear ($15.80) 
Poached pear served with vanilla ice cream
I have never heard of Poached Pear But upon hearing the process of making it, makes me want to try it even more. Poached for 24hours and prepared 3 days in advance before it could be served, This is 1 dessert that I believe is hard to make. It was worth every minute of the preparing process. Soft tender Pears, infused with rich red wine flavour, Eat it on itself or with a dab of vanilla ice cream. You can feel the work that went into making it.. Simply wonderful..

In conclusion, I would believe that Big Bear Bistro will be a nice cafe suitable for teenagers or working adults to hang out after school or after work for a cozy meal time with your friends and family, Or to have a little drink or two while chilling around. Prices are not too high that might burn your pocket, but they serve up pretty good dishes. Do try them out!

Big Bear Bistro & Bar
2 Tan Quee Lan Street

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With Love, M