Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{SPS} Mantholathum Acnes Skincare


Hey ladies and gentlemen!
Had enough of skin problem like acne breaking out on a important date or just waking up everyday, and look into the mirror and go "URGH MY SKIN!!" I have that problem too! But now there's a Solution! TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !

Introducing Acnes Creamy Wash & Acnes Sealing Jell.
 Acnes Medicated Skincare is the #1 Medicated Skincare Brand in Japan! It is formulated to inspire one's skin confidence to it's highest levels. A one-stop solution kept in one product that helps to boost one's confident and to keep the face looking clean.

Now more about these 2 products:

Acnes Creamy Wash:
- Help prevents pimples!
- Remove Dirt, Oil & Impurities!
- Anti-Bacterial!

Acnes Sealing Jell:
- Prevent Acne Formation
- Anti-Acne Treatment
- Tighten pores!!

OMG! How Great a Product! If we continue to use these, Im sure we would all wake up to Cleaner and Beautiful Skin! And did I mention that Acnes Skincare is Suitable for Guys too? SO COME ON GIRLS~ COME ON BOYS~ Come On Come On Get your Acnes Skincare~ Acnes Skincare~

No more Breakouts and applying make up would be so much easier!