Thursday, April 19, 2018

Escape Rooms in Singapore

Are you tired of your mundane lifestyle? Wake up > Go to work > Lunch > End Work > Go Home > Sleep > Repeat.

Do you wish for some sparks of excitement, maybe to explore another dimension, another reality? I think I have a great idea to share with you.

Have you head of Escape Rooms Singapore? I personally decipher those words as "Escape from reality Rooms in Singapore" Hahaha. There are many of such escape rooms in various shopping malls as well as quaint shophouses area. Have you been to any of them? Which ones did you go to?

Share them with me ley!

With Love, M

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

SANTOUKA HOKKAIDO RAMEN Anniversary New Menu - Dry Soba Salad which is too beautiful to eat

I'm here to share with you the latest Japanese Noodle Place that I've tried and they have a anniversary promotion coming up!!!

Here it is, the Kaisen-Hiyashi Mazesoba ($16++) which comes with Salmon, Scallops, Prawns and Ikura. Resting on a bed of special sauce which you can toss them all together to create a great tasting Soba Salad.

Not only the noodles, for $16++, you get to choose some sides to :
A: Char-Siu, Roast Beef or Unagi
B: Mixed Vegetables, Flavoured Bamboo Shoots, Si-Chuan and Red Pepper Flavoured Green Onion, Coriander, Black Fungus, Broccoli or Cheese

We got to try all the sides during the tasting session but you can get to choose 1 from "A" section and 2 from the "B" section. I personally recommend the Char Siu, Black Fungus and CHEESE! Haha. 

We then also had the Spicy Shio Ramen ($16.50++) which has a light salty broth and mildly spicy taste. The noodles were springy and it comes with 2 Pieces of Char Siu.and spring onions! Me Love!

Last but not least, we are having the Strawberry Parafait ($13.50++) which includes vanilla ice cream, fresh cream, crunchy cereal and strawbarries!
Santouka Hokkaido Ramen is celebrating their Anniversary and they will be having A LUCKY DRAW!! On 26th April - 29th April At Cuppage Terrace Outlet & 24th May - 27th May At The Central Outlet, you get to win prizes such as 1 FOR 1 deals, Free Toroniku and even $1.10 Matcha Latte! Do not miss this opportunity!!

That's all and I want to thank J Passport for the invitation to try the Anniversary Menu out. Do head over to their website: for the latest deals and offers for so many japanese shops in Singapore! J Passport features premium Japanese services and products in Singapore, delivering our members a truly authentic Japanese experience!

Till next time, With Love, M

Friday, April 13, 2018

NuSkin ageLOC Lumi Spa - The product which was on 女人我最大!

Hey Beautifuls, how are you? 
Today I will be sharing with you a product that is selling like hotcakes even till today. Stocks are being produced daily and the supply is not meeting up to the demand! What is this godly product that I'm talking about? 

Introducing Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa! It is said to be a 1 Step + 2 Minutes product to achieve 7 Skin Care Benefits!

The ageLOC LumiSpa features the proprietary Micropulse Oscillation Technology with its precise motion and frequency. It will help to stimulate the skin for more effectiveness in treatment and cleansing. 

They have 4 different Activating Cleansers and you can choose them based on your skin type: Normal/Combination, Oily, Dry or Sensitive. The activating cleansers uses Nu Skin's propreitary, all natural ageLOC ingredient blend that captures liberated pollutants, impurities and oils. It is also a low foam formula which ensures a gentle connection between the treatment head and skin.

They also have 2 different Silicone Treatment heads - Normal and Firm. They come with antimicrobial silver that are more hygenic and easier to clean. Silicone has just the right firmness to be gentle and non-abrasive to skin. The treatment heads will also exfoliate evenly and it will not pull on your facial hairs.

The 7 Skin Benefits are:
- Skin Renewal
- Skin Smoothness
- Increased Radiance
- Refreshed Skin
- Purified Skin
- Minimized appearance of pores
- Increased appearance of volume and density 

The ageLOC LumiSpa Secret? It is a dual motion facial treatment that promotes skin renewal and deep cleansing. So now you know why they are selling like HOTCAKES! Haha. 1 Machine and 2 minutes of your time for each wash for better skin.

If you wish to know more about the pricing, you may drop me an email at: and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Stay Beautiful, With Love, M

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Purple Gradient Hair - Your next hair goal to try

Hello Beautifuls! I'm back today to share with you my latest hair project and perhaps your latest hair goal. I am in the process of clearing the past hair colour from all my previous hair jobs and Elein suggested that I could make use of this time to get a gradient look. My grown out roots were Black, The mid part was bleached about 2 times and the bottom part was bleached about 4-5 times? So there are different lightness on my head hence it was a great chance for a natural gradient project.
Indoor Light
Under Sunlight

Elein chose a Purplish Red Tone for me as I still had some purple in mt hair from my previous hair job and I must say that all the colours that she had chosen for me so far all suits my skintone and makes me look fairer. Haha. Also, Elein knows exactly what I like. And despite my hair being bleached for 4-5 times at the bottom, they are still manageable and easy to comb thru. No Wire tangling sensation and it has got to do with the awesome ABC Treatment that Elein does for me.

And as you wash your hair, you will see that the colour drop off is really minimal. Which means that your hair colour can last longer which is damn worth your money right. Haha. Hair colouring starts from about $120 onwards depending on your hair length and the best part - You quote my name to get discount for up to 30% on hair services.

Artistry Hair Professional 

10 Anson Road, #03-32 
International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Tel: +65 6223 3133 

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Stay Beautiful, With Love, M