Tuesday, April 17, 2018

SANTOUKA HOKKAIDO RAMEN Anniversary New Menu - Dry Soba Salad which is too beautiful to eat

I'm here to share with you the latest Japanese Noodle Place that I've tried and they have a anniversary promotion coming up!!!

Here it is, the Kaisen-Hiyashi Mazesoba ($16++) which comes with Salmon, Scallops, Prawns and Ikura. Resting on a bed of special sauce which you can toss them all together to create a great tasting Soba Salad.

Not only the noodles, for $16++, you get to choose some sides to :
A: Char-Siu, Roast Beef or Unagi
B: Mixed Vegetables, Flavoured Bamboo Shoots, Si-Chuan and Red Pepper Flavoured Green Onion, Coriander, Black Fungus, Broccoli or Cheese

We got to try all the sides during the tasting session but you can get to choose 1 from "A" section and 2 from the "B" section. I personally recommend the Char Siu, Black Fungus and CHEESE! Haha. 

We then also had the Spicy Shio Ramen ($16.50++) which has a light salty broth and mildly spicy taste. The noodles were springy and it comes with 2 Pieces of Char Siu.and spring onions! Me Love!

Last but not least, we are having the Strawberry Parafait ($13.50++) which includes vanilla ice cream, fresh cream, crunchy cereal and strawbarries!
Santouka Hokkaido Ramen is celebrating their Anniversary and they will be having A LUCKY DRAW!! On 26th April - 29th April At Cuppage Terrace Outlet & 24th May - 27th May At The Central Outlet, you get to win prizes such as 1 FOR 1 deals, Free Toroniku and even $1.10 Matcha Latte! Do not miss this opportunity!!

That's all and I want to thank J Passport for the invitation to try the Anniversary Menu out. Do head over to their website: https://goo.gl/hdVHdd for the latest deals and offers for so many japanese shops in Singapore! J Passport features premium Japanese services and products in Singapore, delivering our members a truly authentic Japanese experience!

Till next time, With Love, M

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