Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Resolution for 2013!

Today marks the end of the year 2012 for all of us in Singapore! :)
Looking Back This Year, I am Glad That I have gotten to know more friends through the various Blogging Events I have attended and also the opportunities for reviews and food tasting sessions :)
the Highlight of the Year would be the 2NE1 Concert that I Attended on 1 December 2012! Its a Day That I will Never Forget in my Life. That Night was Simply Amazing.

Summary of my 2012:
I Blogged about so many Chinese New Year Related Stuffs and I even held a Giveaway, lol.

I posted my proudest recipe of all, the Rainbow Cupcake! And Even Posted a Mini Photoshoot by Me, Myself and I. LOL. 
And it also marks the last day of my internship. Great Experience there.

1 Year Anniversary with my Boy. 
Blogged about the Awesome Bak Kut Teh in Malaysia
Blogged about some of the yummy food that I love in Singapore

I am blessed to have witness the growing up process of 2 little Birdies whose parents made their nest in my mum's pot of pandan leaves. 
Blogged about the effects of my New Olympus Pen Mini and There it Died, I did not explore more of it, Im Sorry. ><''. 
Blogged about the yummy Japanese snacks I have finally found in Singapore too!

Its Mother's Day! And I Did a Advertorial For my Friend's Cupcake Business. Yummy Cupcakes! You can still contact her alright? She has more and more great Creations coming up!

Hahaha, I just couldn't contain my excitement of my first Flight and I acted like some little kid. Oh I miss Flying.. I need to fly again next year! ^o^

I got my First Beauty Box - Bella Box and Have ever Since been in love with the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Essence. Super Love the Results of it and it costs $90 for the retail sized ones. ><

I attended my First Blogger Event Through Omy.Sg :) I remember being all Shy and Paiseh at first but in the end I just went Crazy again. And it was the first time I saw Kiyomi Lim! She's so fun and cute one! :D

I went to USS Again This Year! ^o^ This time Without my Parents, But With my Boy! ♥

I attended the Singapore Blog Awards hosted by Omy! ^o^

I had another Giveaway, a Dark Knight Rises Giveaway.

I WON Tickets To Watch NDP Full Dressed Rehearsal from Nuffnang Twitter Contest! HAPPY!

 I got Sponsored some items to do reviews about and I felt very blessed to have these opportunities to do so! Thank you ! ^o^
Like Hada Labo, Mentholatum Lip Pure, Acne Facial Wash. :)

YAY Its My Birthday! ^o^ Im thankful that I have my family and my friends celebrate with me as well.

I went to Malaysia just Because I wanted to Buy The Hello Kitty Mooncake. Okay lol.

I went to 2 Attractions in Singapore in 1 Day! Garden By The Bay & Singapore Flyer!

Another PhotoShoot with Random Stuffs. LOL.

Got Sponsored Lactacyd Intimate White to Review On and It even Got Published on a Magazine. :O

I did my First Make Up Tutorial and I rate it - FAIL. Lol. Im not Satisfied with myself.

I have switched to a new job and have been enjoying myself :)

I did an Advertorial for Statement Muse, I love all their Accessories!

And I Stayed in MBS Hotel for 1 Night. Did not really sleep that Night. LOL.

I got Sponsored Hada Labo's New Arbutin Whitening Lotion to Review!

I also did a advert for my Friend's Company Regarding Green Cleaners! :)

Then I attended A Canon Pixma Event and Got to know MORE Blogger Friends! ^o^

And I also posted another easy D.I.Y Recipe for Jello Oreo Snack.

Did a Advert for BeyondWonderx, My friend's Blogshop ^o^

And I Managed to Rush down to Watch 2NE1's Surprise Performance at Clark Quay! ♥


Well, December has been a hectic one, With all the chirstmas festive season feelings surrounding me, I feel all the love~~~~ :)

I dip Bleached my Hair myself!

I Finally took a picture with @Bongqiuqiu at her flea for Gentle Paws.

I feel very blessed to have Booxify sponsor me 5 booxes for Giveaway! ^o^

D.I.Y for Tang Yuan!

Showcase of my Fishes, BUT MY FISH (prince) DIED YESTERDAY. ):

I did my Christmas Nails thanks to Priscilla

I got sponsored SunPlay Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk to Review on!

That's All for my 2012 I guess.
 I got to know more people through blogging and I get to eat more yummy food with my own hard earn money, hahaha. And also bought more things and clothes and such. LOL. *spendtrift*

My 2013 Resolutions are:

1. To Slim Down!
2. To get my Driving Licence!
3. To be able to attend more Blogging Events to know more bloggers!
4. To get Sponsors for Hair, Teeth, Travel and Nails!
5. Have more time to spend with my family and spreading the love!
6. Save up money so that I can Fly to Bangkok, Taiwan and Hong Kong!
7. To do well in my job so that I can advance further. :)

Cheers to the New Year! & the fact that we didn't die! ^O^


Sunday, December 30, 2012

[F.T] Domino Pizza New Item - Flatbread!

[Food Review]

Simply GOURMET-LICIOUS Flatbread from Domino Pizza!

We were Greeted by Domino's Country Operations Manager Mr Keith Brown.

A Little Bit About the New Flat Bread.

A Combination of their WORLD FAMOUS Hand Stretched Dough together with the Freshest, Premium Quality meats & Vegetable toppings into their own Signature Flatbread. The New Gourmet flatbreads comes in 6 different recipes specially created by their chefs, I'm sure at least 1 would catch your appetite! :)

Pesto Prawn comes with succulent prawns marinated in herbs and spices, fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Mozarella Cheese on an authentic Pesto Sauce which is a ideal combination for seafood lovers. Domino's also make sure they test out all their recipes before releasing them. For example, The prawns they use must not be too small, if not the prawns would come out Dry & Hard. How Thoughtful! ^o^

BBQ Beef features mouth-watering toppings of Ground Beef, Fresh Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Mozarella Cheese on a Smoky BBQ Sauce. There is so many ingredients on this one! WOW! Beef lovers, GO FOR THIS ONE!

Chicken Alfredo has Chicken Potpourri Sausages, Cherry Tomatoes, Mozarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese on a Garlic Butter Sauce. This is a Safe for Kinds to Eat Kind of recipe! Healthy and Yummy!

Margherita come with Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Olives, Pesto, Mozarella Cheese on a delicious Napolitana Sauce. The Cherry Tomatoes are to Die For, Still So Juicy After Baking it! Yummy Yummy!

Chicken Sambal has Shredded Chicken, Fresh Pinapples, Red Peppers, Mozarella Cheese on a Spicy Sambal Sauce. A combination of sweet & tangy with a little bit of spicy heat that promises to be a hit amongst Pizza Fans. I think Singaporeans would love this flavour because of the sambal! ^o^

Spinach & Feta has Garden Fresh Spinach and Mushrooms, Mozarella and Feta Cheese on a Garlic Butter Sauce. This is my Personal Favourite, Although Im not a Veggie lover BUT I LOVED THIS at First Bite!! The Country Operations Manager Mr Keith Brown Told us that this one is the lightest pizza for those weight concious ladies out there! No meat, Only Veggies! YAY!

Of Course, Domino's also has many Yummy Sides!

Onion Rings.


Chicken Bites


And Who Said Lava Cakes can only be meant for Eating?

You can make a moustache out of it! Creative isn't it?
That's Tiffany Yong Btw :)

Group Photo Time! YAY!

Here's one with Mre Keith Brown, Domino's Country Operations Manager!

'One With Zerika Gan!

With William

With Susan! ^O^

Finally In The End, I Would love To Thank Omy & Domino Pizza for Inviting me to this Food Tasting Session and allowing me to eat all these Yummy Food and make more new Blogger Friends! YAY ! Happy End to the year 2012! Cheers! ^O^


Friday, December 28, 2012

Maybeline Th'ink Event !!

Hey~~~~~~~ Its The Last Friday of 2012! How do you feel? 
Well, Im Feeling quite Normal as of now, Im still living my life as it is, but Im racking my brain on where to head for a new year countdown. lol. Any Ideas? I wanna see Fireworks! ^o^

Anyway, That Day I went to a Maybelline Event at Scape Level 4 with a few friends of mine!
The offer was so tempting Because for $5, You get a Goodie Bag Worth $50! OMG LA! MUST GET IT RIGHT? *Cheapo Singaporean Spirit*

Well At Lease Im not the only one, Look at the Crowd.
These Girls were queuing up for a mini makeover at the Beauty Table with Maybelline New York Latest Product, The COLOUR TATTOO 24HOURS!

Just Look at all the Colours Available! :O

Then not only were there make-up, There were also 8 LOCAL ONLINE BLOGSHOPS Showcasing their best apparel and Items there for the Event! YAY!

BUT Unfortunately, I did not get anything from the event and I left soon after because there was nothing much to do inside unless I shopped at every shop, Which I dont think I need to Because I can Fit INTO Most of the Clothes, LOL. Okay Anyway, After that, We went to walk around for awhile and headed to Cineleisure for some FOOD! We were invited to write our Wishes on these White Balls that were going to be floating on  Marina Bay on 31 December? :D

We headed to Pon Tian in the end after walking around and thinking of what to eat. LOL.

After Lunch, we walked around for awhile and We Headed to Canele for Desserts! LOL. FATDIEME.

After Eating So Much Desserts, We went to the Newly opened Sephora at Plaza Singapura~ ^O^

Then there was a Competition Going On, 2 Groups of BFF (Best Friends Forever) was to compete against each other to see who wins a 148 Colour Make up Palette. :O

The Judges were these Handsome Guys. *O*

In the end the pair that we liked did not win, instead the other team who was using SAFER colours won. LOL. But Nevermind la, Its an Experience mah. :)

After that I had to head home, and I thank my lovely friends Tiffany & JiaHui for meeting me to go to the Event with me ^o^ I hope to head out with the girls again soon! ♥