Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Christmas Nails !

I went to do my nails at Nails...Etcetera with a BIG Thank you to Grace Tan and Priscilla, the owner of Nails...Etecetera for holding this Giveaway! ^o^

So I made an appointment to head down to Priscilla's place to get my Christmas/NewYear Nails Done!
To Be Very Honest, I Still HAD NO IDEA What nail design I wanted even after I reached her place. OMG. I'm a sucker for nail designs, and I only have 10 Fingers and 12 Months in a year. LOL.

Anyway, I was greeted with a pretty and cozy corner to get my nails done. 

As you can see from the picture, Priscilla's place is really clean, neat & tidy! Not like Some nail salon out there which is dark and dirty with clothes here and there and staffs who keep on staring at their phones.

The Whole Time when I was doing my nails, I was Staring at this board of nail art and thinking when will I ever get them on my nails! >< I really want to try out 3D nail art someday! I promise you my nails! ^o^

Then we started on doing my nail, I choose to do a colour that I have not done before on my nail this time because I wanted something special for this festive season! 

Let me tell you step by step of what happened there so you can know how great Priscilla is!
1. She Cleanse my hand throughly with a wipe

2. Soaked my hands in a pail of water to soften up my cuticles for removal

3. Removed all dead skin and cuticles to prepare my nails

4. Time to choose What colour, What design I want. I was completely lost! In the end I choose Purple! Pastel Purple! But I totally had no idea what design I want to do, So Priscilla handed me a japanese nail art book for me to browse through. And I choose Leopard Print nails but not on all my nails and also I did a curve at the base of my nails so that when my nails grow out, the gap would not be so obvious ^o^

5. Priscilla Turned On the Tv for me to Watch ! Yay ! I love watching Tv! Haha, I feel that nail palours that turn on TV for their clients to watch is really good because their clients can shut up and the nail stylist can concentrate on doing their thing, But at the same time hold some small talk with the customer. AWESOME!

6. Priscilla started on my nail design first with a base coat and I'm sure all of you know that gel nail polishes need to get "dried" under UV light right? Normally I would think that the "drying" process would take about 30 seconds But NO! Priscilla has this machine, which she calls the "Chanel of the UV Lights", It has a sensor built in, so when you put your hand it, it will start the process so your hands don't go in burning. And What's More, IT TOOK LESS THAN 10 SECONDS TO DRY MY NAILS. :OOOOOOOO
I was Super Impressed! Hahaha.

7. After all the layers of nail polish and drawings, BEHOLD!
I kept staring at it after it was done! GOSH. Love the details and that sparkly glitter line. ♥

ZENG ZENG ZENG! Very Dreamy Right This Effect ? :)

In the end, I would love to work with Priscilla again! If you all want to book an appointment with her, Please Act Fast!! Contact her through her Facebook or you can go to her blog to take a look at the past designs that she have done for other customers! Super Pretty !! ^o^