Thursday, December 27, 2012

BOOXIFY Giveaway Winners!

Hello Hunks & Babes!
Are we all Excited for the Results for this Giveaway? :)
YES I AM!!!!

Lets all Thank Booxify for organizing this Giveaway! *Claps Claps*
Do Continue to Support Booxify & Me for more Giveaways! ^o^
So for this time, I have used my usual Fruit Machine from to select the Winners. :)

So Without Further Nagging, Here are the 5 Winners:

Congratulations to all the Winners Above! 
I will contact you all through Twitter Alright ? CHEERS ! ^-^

I strongly Urge the Winners to Record yourself Unboxing the Booxify and Tweet me and @Booxify the Link to your video! I did my first Video for Booxify too! See it here! I would love to do more video next time! :)

Have a Great New Year Ahead!