Friday, December 28, 2012

Maybeline Th'ink Event !!

Hey~~~~~~~ Its The Last Friday of 2012! How do you feel? 
Well, Im Feeling quite Normal as of now, Im still living my life as it is, but Im racking my brain on where to head for a new year countdown. lol. Any Ideas? I wanna see Fireworks! ^o^

Anyway, That Day I went to a Maybelline Event at Scape Level 4 with a few friends of mine!
The offer was so tempting Because for $5, You get a Goodie Bag Worth $50! OMG LA! MUST GET IT RIGHT? *Cheapo Singaporean Spirit*

Well At Lease Im not the only one, Look at the Crowd.
These Girls were queuing up for a mini makeover at the Beauty Table with Maybelline New York Latest Product, The COLOUR TATTOO 24HOURS!

Just Look at all the Colours Available! :O

Then not only were there make-up, There were also 8 LOCAL ONLINE BLOGSHOPS Showcasing their best apparel and Items there for the Event! YAY!

BUT Unfortunately, I did not get anything from the event and I left soon after because there was nothing much to do inside unless I shopped at every shop, Which I dont think I need to Because I can Fit INTO Most of the Clothes, LOL. Okay Anyway, After that, We went to walk around for awhile and headed to Cineleisure for some FOOD! We were invited to write our Wishes on these White Balls that were going to be floating on  Marina Bay on 31 December? :D

We headed to Pon Tian in the end after walking around and thinking of what to eat. LOL.

After Lunch, we walked around for awhile and We Headed to Canele for Desserts! LOL. FATDIEME.

After Eating So Much Desserts, We went to the Newly opened Sephora at Plaza Singapura~ ^O^

Then there was a Competition Going On, 2 Groups of BFF (Best Friends Forever) was to compete against each other to see who wins a 148 Colour Make up Palette. :O

The Judges were these Handsome Guys. *O*

In the end the pair that we liked did not win, instead the other team who was using SAFER colours won. LOL. But Nevermind la, Its an Experience mah. :)

After that I had to head home, and I thank my lovely friends Tiffany & JiaHui for meeting me to go to the Event with me ^o^ I hope to head out with the girls again soon! ♥