Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dip Bleaching Hair with Palty Hair Bleach

Here's a Guide to Every D.I.Y enthusiast out there!
How to Bleach your Hair at home!

I had a hard time searching for hair bleaching tutorials online. ):
But I Finally found some reviews on this hair bleach so I decided to try it out!

Introducing Palty Hair Bleach

Contents inside:
Solution 1
Solution 2
Comb Head
Bleach Powder
Shower Cap
Directions in a few languages. :)

Since I'm only bleaching the ends of my hair, I tied them up to the section I want.
If you want to bleach your whole head, then no need to tie la! :)

Cover Up your clothes or skin with garbage bag, or any plastic bags, cape whatever to prevent the bleach from getting on to any other places other than your hair. Lol.

Step 2:
Mix the Bleach Powder with Solution No 2 and VIGOROUSLY Shake the Bottle for about 80 Shakes, Damn tiring! Lol. PLEASE TIGHTEN THE CAP BEFORE SHAKING. 

Step 3:
Add Solution 1 to Solution 2. You have to squeeze out solution 1, like toothpaste like that.
Then VIGOROUSLY SHAKE the bottle again for another 30 times to get the mixture well mixed.

Step 4:
Remove the round cap and replace with the Comb head cap to start bleaching your hair!
Wear the Gloves provided unless you want to burn your hands. LOL.

Step 5:
For Dip Bleaching Hair, Use a Piece of Aluminuim Foil to hold your hair while you apply the Bleach mixture on your hair. CAUTION: THE SMELL IS SUPER STRONG. (advisable to do it in well ventilated place.)
After that just wrap up your hair and wait for time to pass, depending on how blonde you want your hair to go :) *refer to first picture*

Step 6:
Rinse off all bleach on hair and you can already see Visible results.
Shampoo and Condition your hair all you want because bleaching harms your hair.

After 30 minutes of bleaching and 2 rounds of shampoo-ing and conditioning, LOL.
It just looks like a lighter shade of brown as compared to my milktea brown hair on top.

But here's how my dip dye hair looks like after its dried and under sunlight :)
*insert picture of me and Bongqiuqiu \(*O*)/*

So how, what do you think of my dip bleached hair?
Actually I wanted to dip dye red on the bleached ends But it's stated on the box that I must let my hair rest for about 2-3 weeks? So I have decided to let my hair grow longer and let it regain some life first before dying it RED! Yes RED! Woohoo ! Maybe in time for Chinese New Year. LOL!

I shall hashtag these below so that its easier for people to find tutorials to bleach their hair next time!
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