Monday, December 24, 2012

Dang Zueh - Winter Solstice

HEY ALL~ Did You have you Yummy Glutinous Rice Balls (Tang Yuan)? :)

Here's a Short D.I.Y Post on how to make your own MONSTER TANG YUAN! ^O^

Sunflower Brand Vanillin Glutinous Powder

Food Colouring :)
Any Colour of Your Choice! I have used liquid and powder formed colouring.

Lets Start!

Mix 3 Parts Powder to 1 Part Water.
It has to be like a doughy consistency but more moist than a dough texture.

Then Separate the dough into equal parts and add the food colouring, mixing the colour evenly.

They will start to look like PlayDoh. LOL.

Then its time to roll them up! Big, Small, Single Colour, Mixed Colour, Etc Etc.
Let your creativity Flow, and create your own Special Tang Yuan!

I made my Tang Yuan in Bright Colours, But you can make them pastel too!
And if you can get those Lotus Fillings, Or if you PRO enough, you can wrap peanuts inside your Tang Yuan  also! Just Go Crazy doing it! ^o^

Hohoho, Its 1 day to Christmas! Are you all Excited? :)
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