Thursday, December 13, 2012

Omnomnom Curry Rice!

Omnomnom Time Again!
I realize that if I'm addicted to a certain food, I can have it OVER & OVER & OVER Again within a short period of time and not get Sick of it, BUT after that I would not touch it for afew months at least. LOL!
Does this happen to you too ?

So, I went to COCO-ICHIBANYA for Curry Rice again!
This time, I went to the Bugis+ Branch ^o^
Unit #01-10
Tel: 6341 9978

Had to queue for about 15-30 minutes before getting seats at around 7-plus as the place was packed!

And this time, I MUST HAVE the Omelette Curry Rice!

*sidetrack a little bit, Look at this Cute Baby who is looking at me take pictures! BIG Eyes!*

Le Boyf

Le Boyf Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry Rice.


My Fried Chicken Omelette Curry Rice.

Verdict: Super Yummy and Creamy Eggs, With a Curry that is not spicy for Anybody, Even For a Little Child! All their Omelette Curry Rice have the same curry and a standard amount of rice, but if you order other Curry Rice, You will get to choose the spiciness level, And also the amount of rice you want! 

Tell you guys a secret, I was struggling with LVL 2 Spiciness already! >< I was like Sssssssss.... -ing when I had the lvl 2 Spiciness curry the first time I went to the branch at somerset. LOL.
But Nevertheless, Coco-Ichibanya Would be my most favourite place to get my curry rice fix! :)
So if you haven't tried them yet, Do Head down to try! Budget Wise would be below $20 for 1 person! ^o^