Thursday, December 20, 2012

BongQiuQiu's Flea for Gentle Paws!

YAY TO Meeting QiuQiu & Helping GentlePaws! ^o^
We all know that QiuQiu is really helpful towards GentlePaws, a Dog Shelter.
I would love to help out at dog shelters and donate what ever I could but I couldn't.
I once went to Pasir Ris Farmway dog shelter, i didn't even dare to go in. LOL. Too many big Doggies for me to handle. I'm Ashamed.. 

But When I heard that QiuQiu was going to organize a flea to raise funds for Gentle Paws, I was so excited! Partly Because I can see QiuQiu Again! (I have seen her twice before, once with make up, once without. lol) Anyway, And Also, Its to help Gentle Paws! I couldn't make it to all her other flea and gentle paw events, So I thought this would be the one! YES!

And I thought I was early to reach there about 1.20. Look At The Line!

And The Queue Starts at the E word palce. OH GOD.

So we Queue and Queue And Queue Summore, Until Finally it was time! The Queue Started moving slowly because QiuQiu set a limitation of the amount of people who can go into her booth at 1 time, so that its not so squeezy and we would not snatch things with each other. LOL. 

So While Queuing, QiuQiu instructed to pass down this bag of Goodies for everyone who was in the Queue!
I feel that its a nice thought of QiuQiu :)

Finally It Was Going to be MY TURN !! YAY !!!!
Here's A Picture of me with QiuQiu! \(^_^)/

After Photo Taking Session, lol. It was time to grab stuffs!
I totally did not go for the pile of clothes because I know I cannot Fit Into them anyway, So I went for the other stuffs, I flipped around for Bags, Hair Extentions, Eyelashes, Hats, Shoes Etc and Here's What I Got.

I got a Naraya Pouch, 1 box Disneyland Minnie Eyelashes, 1 pair of dollywink looking Eyelashes and RACHEL K See the Difference - Day Cream! 

And can you guess how much I got all these for? $14 ! I GOT THEM FOR $14 ONLY, OMG!

I was so happy after buying these things because I knew that I'm doing charity! 
Thank you QiuQiu for organizing this flea for us to do a part for Gentle Paws.

So after that, I went around the other stalls to shop around :)
I got these 2 Tops at $5 Each! Which is Damn Worth It... Because.....

One of them is from ZARA. *o*

And I also got Colourful leggings to give my outfit a POP! 1 at $7 Quite Cheap mah! Right?
Haha, Actually I have been eyeing on these for quite sometime online but all preorder, so I was afraid of being cheated la, *cough*, so when I saw them at the Flea I was so happy ! ^o^

And also I have a pair of shoes But I cant seem to post it up here, So Please go to my instagram @Michhysaurous to view it! & In case you miss me, Please Follow me on Instagram or Twitter @Michhysaurous for more live updates from me! ^o^