Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ramen Play Again.

Its the Time of the year where we all feel the love all around us.
Indulging in good food and receiving presents from people we care about. ♥

How was your Christmas? :)

Time to indulge in Comfort Food again with my favourite boy in the world.

First Time trying the Sanpou Double Soup Ramen from RamenPlay.
Really love the Double Soup Broth and the Tenderness of the Pork Neck. Oohh~ la~ la~

Then we went strolling around Orchard to see all the beautiful Christmas Decorations & Lights.

Below are some of the festive Lights and Scenes I have taken during this joyous season. ^o^

Last but not least...

Merry Christmas & Have a WONDERFUL New Year Everyone! ^o^

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