Monday, December 17, 2012

Fighting Fish/ Betta Fish?

Hello little dinos, Today im going to show you my new pet !
Although its about outdated but It because the population keeps growing and I want to show you all of them together ! :D

Display of the fishes! More to come, now I got 8-9 at home already. :O

This is my Prince! His Colour is Super Different from all the other MAINSTREAM fishy! LOL!!

TBH, At first i didnt know how to tell the sex of the fishes so I called him "Princess" LOL.
Doesn't his tail and fins look like wedding gown ? :D

My mama's Fishy! Love the mixture of blue-ish purple and Red!

One of my Dad's Collection. LOL.
This one doesn't have long flowly tails like the others, But this picture is where his gills part open up when they want to attack other fish, just to show that they are bigger. LOL.

Another one of my papa collection, I think this one is Crown Tail one! Very nice hor ? :D

And When They Fight!(Well Almost...)
Notice the bubbles on the top of their water?
It's said to be called bubble nest. Which means that the fishes are happy or ready to mate. LOL!

Sometimes they are like this ...

Mostly they are like this, And when they want to "attack", they will wriggle their body vigorously one!

Here's a Picture of my Prince Again, Look at him, Fierce not ? :)

Haha, reason for my dad to start to own a pet again because Betta/Fighting Fishes are of low maintenance,
No Need Pump Air like normal fishes or Goldfishes or Guppies Or Luo Han Or What ever other fish la :D
And they eat VERY LITTLE PELLETS of Food, Feed twice a Day, change water regularly.. Nothing much to fuss about, And Best of all, you can watch them swim in their tanks the whole day, And I realize all the fishy will automatically look at me when I walk towards them ! :) Awwwwww. :')

Okay, Im trying to find a bigger and better home for my fishes and also decorations for them!
Any Recommendations for fish tank decorations ? :)