Sunday, December 30, 2012

[F.T] Domino Pizza New Item - Flatbread!

[Food Review]

Simply GOURMET-LICIOUS Flatbread from Domino Pizza!

We were Greeted by Domino's Country Operations Manager Mr Keith Brown.

A Little Bit About the New Flat Bread.

A Combination of their WORLD FAMOUS Hand Stretched Dough together with the Freshest, Premium Quality meats & Vegetable toppings into their own Signature Flatbread. The New Gourmet flatbreads comes in 6 different recipes specially created by their chefs, I'm sure at least 1 would catch your appetite! :)

Pesto Prawn comes with succulent prawns marinated in herbs and spices, fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Mozarella Cheese on an authentic Pesto Sauce which is a ideal combination for seafood lovers. Domino's also make sure they test out all their recipes before releasing them. For example, The prawns they use must not be too small, if not the prawns would come out Dry & Hard. How Thoughtful! ^o^

BBQ Beef features mouth-watering toppings of Ground Beef, Fresh Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Mozarella Cheese on a Smoky BBQ Sauce. There is so many ingredients on this one! WOW! Beef lovers, GO FOR THIS ONE!

Chicken Alfredo has Chicken Potpourri Sausages, Cherry Tomatoes, Mozarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese on a Garlic Butter Sauce. This is a Safe for Kinds to Eat Kind of recipe! Healthy and Yummy!

Margherita come with Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, Olives, Pesto, Mozarella Cheese on a delicious Napolitana Sauce. The Cherry Tomatoes are to Die For, Still So Juicy After Baking it! Yummy Yummy!

Chicken Sambal has Shredded Chicken, Fresh Pinapples, Red Peppers, Mozarella Cheese on a Spicy Sambal Sauce. A combination of sweet & tangy with a little bit of spicy heat that promises to be a hit amongst Pizza Fans. I think Singaporeans would love this flavour because of the sambal! ^o^

Spinach & Feta has Garden Fresh Spinach and Mushrooms, Mozarella and Feta Cheese on a Garlic Butter Sauce. This is my Personal Favourite, Although Im not a Veggie lover BUT I LOVED THIS at First Bite!! The Country Operations Manager Mr Keith Brown Told us that this one is the lightest pizza for those weight concious ladies out there! No meat, Only Veggies! YAY!

Of Course, Domino's also has many Yummy Sides!

Onion Rings.


Chicken Bites


And Who Said Lava Cakes can only be meant for Eating?

You can make a moustache out of it! Creative isn't it?
That's Tiffany Yong Btw :)

Group Photo Time! YAY!

Here's one with Mre Keith Brown, Domino's Country Operations Manager!

'One With Zerika Gan!

With William

With Susan! ^O^

Finally In The End, I Would love To Thank Omy & Domino Pizza for Inviting me to this Food Tasting Session and allowing me to eat all these Yummy Food and make more new Blogger Friends! YAY ! Happy End to the year 2012! Cheers! ^O^