Thursday, December 6, 2012


HOHOHO ! It's Finally Christmas Seasons !
Just another reason for me to indulge and go shopping ! ^o^
BUT Also to meet up with my loved ones and to see all the beautiful Christmas lightings!
Oh god they are pretty ! Here is just some preview ! I know there is more to come ! YAY!

Went to COCO INCHIBANYA for dinner with the boy. ITS MY FIRST TIME THERE! Like Finally.

I ordered the Curry rice with thin sliced pork with a spicyness level 2, AND IM Already SSSSSS... -ing . LOL, Im really bad with spiciness . ><

The Boy had Curry Beef Omelette Rice. SUPER DUPER NICE OMELETTE!!
*Craving for it now*

Er, Okay, insert random picture of me taken in the _______ .
This was my OOTD :) I'm looking for many ways to match my Maroon skater skirt. ^o^

See I told you this post will be about food also! LOL!
Okay la ! Next post might be about Christmas, shopping or a product review okay?
HAHAHAHAHA! See Which One You Prefer ! :P