Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dettol Radiance, for women to glow from within

I've been so busy with packing my luggage to fly to bkk, to coming back to unpack my luggage to CNY Cleaning, there's hardly any time for me to pamper myself other than shower time! And I love my shower foam to be pleasant smelling but at the same time have benefits to my skin, and I think I have found it.

Introducing the Dettol Radiance Range, where it has deep-cleansing formula which nourishes and purifies the skin. Unique blend of Vitamin B3 and C, the 2 Elixirs for Beautiful Skin! Vitamin B3 has long been regarded as the secret behind young and firm skin while Vitamin C is often lauded as the perfect antioxidant for healthy and supple skin. Coupled with Dettol’s renowned germ protection capabilities to remove germs and impurities, this impeccable harmony allows the skin to reveal its inner radiance and shine with a healthy glow. I always had a bad impression of Dettol soap because of the strong medicinal smell that lingers but after trying this, My Opinion totally changed! ♥

Thank you Dettol for sending over this D.I.Y Pampering set which I can pamper myself with at home with Dettol Radiance together!

Look at the picture below and create your own D.I.Y Body Scrub with Dettol Radiance to clear away all the dead skin and to reveal the glowing skin beneath. I certainly hope everyone who does this will see a significant difference on their body and feel that much better and a little more confident.

Talking about Glow, Do you know what makes me Glow? It's rather simple actually, It's to be able to eat good food and take good photos of the food that I'm enjoying with my friends and family around me! I live to eat and that might explain my size (*coughs*) and I can NOT leave out my friends and of course, my Family. So What Makes You Glow? I'm sure there are something that makes you Glow too, be it "To be able to wake up to fabulous Hair Day" OR "Able to pose for the camera in my Bikini Fabulous Body" OR something simple like "To be able to master the skill that I've been training for ages" OR "To be able to pass that level on Candy Crush that you have been stuck on for days?". Many things happen in a day and I'm sure there is something to get you glowing with happiness from within!

Snap a picture showing what Makes you Confident and post it on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tumblr etc with the Hashtag #DettolRadianceGLOW and #DettolRadianceMichhy and stand to win $100 Dettol Hamper! 

Also, Watsons & Guardian is partnering up with Dettol to hold a Dettol Radiance Promotion Which gives Consumers a chance to win the Grand Prize,  A All Expense Paid trip to Maldives for a Spa retreat for 2 at a 5-star resort! Just purchase any Dettol Radiance products from leading pharmacies in Singapore between 1 February to 28 February 2014 and SMS your receipt numbers to a 9010 2322 (watch out for contest details at all leading pharmacies dettol counter). This Makes me want to join the contest secretly too! :P

What's More, Like Dettol's Facebook Page and Stand to win prizes from 3 February - 28 February. You just need to share your opinions on the different topics rolled out every week on their facebook page and Stand to Win 50 sets of Dettol products will be available for give-aways and weekly grand winners will win prizes worth up to $200 each.

So lets get Glowing and Snapping so that we can win prizes together! -wink wink-

With Love, M

Thursday, January 23, 2014

[F.T] AZUR Chinese New Year 2014!

With the Chinese New Year Song Ringing in your ear when you step in to any shopping mall or shops in Singapore, Are you already feeling the CNY mood like I do? :) And with CNY comes reunion dinners and friends gathering for steamboat and lou hei, but do you want to make some special changes this year? Why not have your reunion/gathering dinner a buffet style? :)

Azur Restaurant aims to bring a taste of spring home with sumptuous Prosperity Yusheng options created by Executive Chef, Andrew Tharm, and his skilled team of culinary professionals available from 20 January – 14 February 2014.

Crowne Plaza's Prosperity Yusheng - Contemporary Version $48++
Alternatives are available: Wolf Herring ($48++), Sliced Abalone ($88++) and Mock Abalone ($42++)(Vegetarian Option) Each Set of Yusheng can serve up to 8 people and is also available for takeaway!

I love Lou Hei (Prosperity Toss) because of the salmon or the fishes that goes along with the shredded vegetables and the process of tossing where everyone will say good wishes for the New Year like "Best of luck for Work!", "Hope to strike 4D ah!" , "Good Health the whole year!" etc. I love the joyous vibes that radiates off everyone.

The following dishes that you are about to see are all available on the buffet line, eat to your heart's Content!

Smoked Duck with Citrus Fruit & Lychee
This refreshing cold dish will be served at the appertizer station (remember that Azur has a Buffet Line). Welcome Spring with this pair, Succulent Smoked Duck paired with citrus fruit to give a sweet start to spring!

Fortune Pig Trotter with Dried Oyster and Black Moss
Traditional CNY Hot Dish served Piping hot in chaffers. This Pig Trotters has Melt in your mouth Fats and Tender Meat. I think this is enough reasons for you to go try it! I personally loved it!

Double Boiled Dried Scallop and Golden Enoki Soup with Shredded Meat
Served as Asian Option at the Crown Soup Kettle (Next to seafood on ice)

Fried Rice with Eight Treasures
Executive Chef Andrew Tharm's rendition of 八宝炒饭. The 8 Treasures are: Gingko Nuts, Lotus, Prawns, Ham, Edamame, Waxed Pork Belly, Carrots and Eggs. This is one fried rice I would not miss out on the buffet spread. Normally I would skip the Carbs when I'm having a buffet but for this, I'll definitely make an exception. Fresh Prawns and crunchy nuts and the flavour of  the Waxed Pork Belly & Ham makes it unstoppable!

Steamed Seabass with Snow Fungus and Lilt Flower
The Most Important point for all seafood dishes is Freshness. If it's Fresh, It's good enough for me. The Vibrant Colours of the wolfberries and Lilt Flowers made this simple Steamed Seabass dish a more appetizing (and photo worthy) one!

Sea Cucumber with Chinese Mushroom Casserole
I'm no Veggie person but the cut of the Sea Cucumber in this dish is definitely eye opening. And Mushroom Lovers, Please just go dive into the huge Chinese Mushroom goodness. The other diners at the table were praising the mushrooms for being huge and not tough.

Eefu Noodles with Shimeji and Yellow Chives
I'll Love My Ee Fu Noodles Anywhere Possible. It's almost hard to find a good Eefu noodle out there now in Singapore that I treasure every single time I have it, and Azur's Version did not disappoint!

Osmanthus Creme Brulee with Seasonal Berries
A Play on the western style dessert with a touch of oriental goodness - the Fragrant Osmanthus Flower infused into the creme brulee is definitely a first for me and it was delighfully pleasant. 

Cherry Clafoutis with Vanilla Sauce
The Cherry Clafoutis is a light pudding filled with juicy cherries. Vanilla sauce is served seperately to be drizzled as per customer's desire at the Dessert Bar

Check out the pricing for the Chinese New Year Period and so On so as to not miss out on this great spread by Azur, Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport.

Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner (30 January 2014)
Adult: $88++ Child: $44

Chinese New Year Brunch (31 January – 1 February 2014)
Adult: $68++ Child: $34++

Chinese New Year Dinner (31 January – 1 February 2014)
Adult: $78++ Child: $39++

Auspicious Buffet Lunch (3 – 7, 10 – 14 February 2014)
Adult: $48++ Child: $24++

Auspicious Buffet Dinner (2 – 14 February 2014)
Adult: $58++ Child: $29++

Auspicious Buffet Brunch (2, 8 – 9 February 2014)
Adult: $48++ Child: $24++

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Everyone a Advance Happy Chinese New Year & HUAT AH Everyone!!

Love, M

Friday, January 17, 2014

[F.T] Bliss House Welcomes the New Year with a New Menu

I'm a believer in Love and I love dining in themed cafes and Restaurants. Where do I find Love and Food Together? I know of a place called Blisshouse, where Love thrives in the most unlikely places. It is situated A midst our urban concrete jungle, such a delight to dine in.

I was invited for a tasting session with Celes and Kaman and I was excited to revisit Blisshouse again!

p.s: Photos taken in this post are using a 50mm F1.8 Lens borrowed from Celes. :)

I cannot live without drinks on my Table, even if it is just plain water! Haha, we got to try out some of the Ice Blended Drinks from the menu and I'm definitely not a Chocolate drink person. :)

The 2 chocolatey Drinks were surprisingly not over sweet like how some restaurants like to make it. The Passionfruit Oreo Bless was my favourite out of the 2! My choice, Bliss Yogurt Mango Perfume Smells as good as it taste. Not too sour and not too sweet, no artificial taste!
Drinks (L to R): Bliss's Passion Fruit Oreo Bless, Bliss's Yogurt Mango Perfume, Bliss's Mint Chocolate Oreo Bless - $12.00 Each

Who would say no to Nachos ? I would never miss out on nachos if possible! Blisshouse's Version has Smoked Chicken, Salsa, Aioli, Jalapeno Chilli, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese on Crispy Corn Chips baked to perfection. Yes, All these delicious ingredients are baked together with the chips so that the flavours are more enchanced! 
Nachos - $10.00

Appetizer was Fresh Scallops and Prawns marinated with Lime, Garlic, Dill and Olive Oil. Pan-seared to perfection served with light Carrot and Cucumber slaw.
Pan-seared Marinated Scallop and Prawns - $22.00

I love my pasta, Linguine to fusili to Spagetti. This Pan-seared marinated Scallops with tagliatelle tossed with Aglio Olio style was something I would choose when I'm craving for something not wet yet delectable.
Scallops Tagliatelle - $22.00

My Favourite of the night, This Pork Belly Confit has Slow braised 230g Pork Belly in bacon, Sage and Cream till tender served on a bed of Buttered Tagliatelle. I cannot explain how much the pork belly goes well with the tagliatelle. I could finish it off myself and not feel gelat at all.
Pork Belly Confit with Latte Tagliatelle - $20.00

Duck Leg bone is sous vide with Orange and Thyme served with Roasted Potatoes and Ratatouille with Orange Sauce. This is a good duck confit but definitely not the best. 
Orange Duck Confit - $28.00

Salmon wrapped with Parma Ham sous vide then finish in oven. Served with Roasted Potatoes, Garden Salad and Leek White Wine Sauce.
Parma Ham Wrapped Salmon - $28.00

When I saw this Oven Baked Cod Fish coated with Sundried Tomato Pesto on White Mornay Sauce, I knew I had to order it, I love my Fish, Any Fish! It is served with Roasted New Potatoes, Baby Asparagus topped with light Carrot and Cucumber slaw. Do not be deceived by it's "black brown" texture, what is hidden inside is a piece of good fish that you will crave for more!
Tomato Pesto Oven Baked Cod Fish - $38.00

My Favourite Time of the meal, Dessert time. Blisshouse serves up a Traditional Italian recipe tiramisu with a kick of Kahlua liquor served with dark chocolate coco powder. I love the moist fingers and the taste of the kahlua liquor! Yums!
Tiramisu - $11.00

The name of the dessert got me really excited to try it out. The Bacon Infused cream made into a velvetie custard slow baked to perfection topped with caramel crust was not strong in the savoury flavour but still good in the sweet custard and caramel crust. A little disappointed on the bacon flavour.
Bacon & Eggs Crème Brulee - $9.00

There are way more items on the menu and we could not finish trying them out, I would highly suggest ladies to go on wednesday nights to enjoy the free flow of somersby with your meal and make it a lovely night with good company, good ambience and good food.

With Love, M

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

[F.T] Manhattan Fish Market New Menu for the New Year!

The Manhattan FISH MARKET is famed for using five cooking methods to bring out the tantalizing flavour of fresh seafood - flamed, grilled, poached, baked and fried. In the new menu, The Manhattan FISH MARKET celebrates the five cooking methods with the introduction of six new scrumptious main courses. Each dish features one of the five fin-tastic ways of cooking which whets the appetite of all seafood lovers out there. Diners can also look forward to enjoying new starters, sides and savor healthier options on the menu. Fans of irresistible desserts and beverages can look forward to new offerings, too!

A Rejuvenating concotion of Earl Grey Tea with Peach Fruit bites to refresh the senses is the Sunset By The Bay, Beautiful name for a delightful drink. The Lemongrass Coolers, a Icy Chamomile brew infused with lemongrass, lychee and aloe vera which will not only spark the senses but also aid in digestion. For someone who does not like lemongrass drinks at all, I could gladly finish a whole glass.
L to R: Lemongrass Coolers & Sunset by the Bay, $6.00/Each

Deliciously sautéed mussels with garlic and capsicum with a touch of spice; It's tangy marinate will spur your taste buds, making it the perfect appetizer to start your meal with.
Tex Mex Mussels - $5.95

You get a little of something here on the Quad Delight, With Fried Country Mushroom, Fried Calamari, Cranberry Coleslaw and Chilled Seafood Mix, what a fin-tastic starter!
Quad Delight - $13.95

If you are looking for something lighter, why not take a salad? Nobody said that Salads are only for sides right? This Grilled Chicken Breast marinated with Cajun rest on a bed of mesclun salad that is sure to satisfy. 
Citrus Mesclun Salad with Cajun Chicken - $9.95

Gently poached salmon fillet in a delicious stock to retain its natural goodness while giving it an amazing flavour. Topped with a sunny side up and drizzled with black pepper mayo, it is surely worth the gazillion bites.
Pepper Mayo Salmon Burger - $13.95

An assortment of dory fish, baby octopus and scallops baked with a tangy marinade. Paired with my favourite Garlic Herb Rice, It quite unique for my taste bud! 
Citrus Baked Seafood - $15.95

Delicious chicken tenders, grilled calamari and sambal mussels with a side of chips, hot veggies and Garlic Herb rice. Who says you can’t have the best of both poultry and seafood? I feel that it's a little dry for me to finish but I would order this if I was craving for Meat & Seafood!
Calamari Mussels Chicken (CMC) - $17.95

Tender piece of salmon paired with the Black Pepper sauce and the delicious Mash was heavenly, definitely suitable for all Salmon Lovers!
Grilled Salmon with Black Pepper Sauce* - $16.95
*Mash Potato Gravy contains Beef Stock

This gem melts in your mouth with every bite conveying a lingering “velvety” sweetness, Pair it with the Vanilla Ice Cream on Top and the bits of Cranberry, This cake is going to end your meal in anyway possible.
Manhattan Velvet Cake - $5.90

Moist pineapple with an unusual twist of vanilla sauce, the perfect sweet course to end your meal, and I can already see myself going back to Manhattan Fish Market for this baby. Moist and fluffy cake and Vanilla Sauce, What else can I say? 
Sizzling Pineapple Cake with Vanilla Sauce - $8.90

With that, I would like to thank Zerika and Manhattan Fish Market for the invite to taste all these wonderful dishes.

Manhattan Fish Market (Marina Square Branch)
6 Raffles Boulevard,
#02-183 Marina Square
Tel: 63388116
Opening hours: 1100 - 2200

With Love, M

Friday, January 3, 2014

Tandoor accentuates the auspicious Yusheng for its Chinese diners‏

It My 2nd Favourite Time of the Year, It's Chinese New Year where family members gather around to reunite for a meal or 2, with little kids running around the house and unlimited steamboat everywhere and mahjong sessions till late at night. This year, CNY is coming early and Tandoor has something special for it's diners to indulge in this joyous season!

Flavoured with a myriad of spices such as cumin powder, coriander, nutmeg, onion, ginger and sweetened with the palatable mango juice, the Yusheng sauce is an appetizing mix conjured to bring a refreshing stream of good blessings and prosperity to the Year of the Horse.
The salad itself presents popular traditionally used ingredients including dried mandarin orange, nutmeg, red and yellow ginger, carrots and julienne lettuce, together with a dash of sweet winter melon to lend extra sweetness to the days ahead.
Diners can choose to have the Yusheng with Abalone or Fresh Salmon to kick start their meals at Tandoor or takeaway for homely celebrations from 25 January to 14 February 2014.

pic credit: Tandoor

Prices are as below:
Abalone Prosperity Yusheng
Small S$58++
Large S$78++
Fresh Salmon Prosperity Yusheng
Small S$48++
Large S$68++

Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
11 Cavenagh Road, Basement One
Singapore 229616

I can't wait for my Yu Sheng Ceremony to start this year! Hehe.

With Love, M

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

{SPS} Sas.sy Hair Studio - Getting My Fruit Punch On!

I'm dedicating the first post in 2014 to my beautiful Hair Sponsor Sas.sy Hair Studio. Without them, I would not have beautiful locks for the New Year! Thank you Sas.sy Hair Studio! ♥

Sas.sy Hair Studio
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central #03-33/36
Singapore 059817

This is my hair colour and State before the treatment.. I was really buay tahan with my hair already..

And now I have a savior, Winson, Director of Sas.sy Hair Studio to save my hair and to give me beautiful colours! First Up, He bleached parts of my hair to colour later and I must say it did not hurt at all! -Thumbs Up-

Show you all his smile, Handsome anot? :)

Mandatory Selfie with part one of the 6 hour process. At this moment I still had no idea what colour is going on my hair. I left it to winson to decide! :)

After Bleaching one time for 30minutes with no heat at all. Why did I mention No Heat, its because some salons out there uses heat to quicken the bleaching process which is more harmful to the hair than bleaching already does. So please take note hor everyone! :)

This time, at Sas.sy Hair Studio, I was given a chance to try out the Elumen Hair Colour by Goldwell which has protective properties to the hair and longer lasting hair colour! It's all exciting to me that my hair will be treated the best at Sas.sy Hair Studio.

Hair Colour and Elumen Highlights on my head! YAY! My Base Colour was just a ash tone added to my hair. I was really excited about the outcome of my hair already! 

Tadaaaaaaa ! Now I have Beautiful hair, a New Hair Cut, New Colours on my head ! All thanks to Winson and Sas.sy Hair Studio! And before I left, Winson did some hair styling to my new locks! Hoho. I love extra services like this! ♥

Look at the intricate Braid and how he made my new hair colours show with this hair style. 

And He left the other side of my head with loose curls. I feel like it was a male/female look together! You know what I mean? Hahaha. If you would ask me how do I feel at this point, I would tell you I am Super Happy with the results!!

Once again, Thank you Winson and everyone at Sas.sy Hair Studio for my beautiful hair and I wish you guys all the best for the New Year and I wish Sas.sy Hair Studio a more Prosperous New Year and Customers will keep coming in! With your strategic location, I do not think it will be difficult for you guys to HUAT la! ^^

Here's my Hair after 1 week since I stepped out of Sas.sy Hair Studio and The Colours are still Vibrant! And As I'm typing this post, My hair is 4 weeks old and my hair colour is still as vibrant as I first Stepped out of the salon. And you know how bright hair colour will drop in the first few wash, Mine Didn't at All! It's true, No colour was found on my towel on my 1st, 2nd, 3rd wash and so on. YAY ! 

So you guys reading this now, Do visit Sas.sy Hair Studio to get your hair cut or hair coloured by them!
You can look for Adamz or Winson when you are there, They are both great! :)

With Love, M