Wednesday, January 1, 2014

{SPS} Hair Studio - Getting My Fruit Punch On!

I'm dedicating the first post in 2014 to my beautiful Hair Sponsor Hair Studio. Without them, I would not have beautiful locks for the New Year! Thank you Hair Studio! ♥ Hair Studio
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central #03-33/36
Singapore 059817

This is my hair colour and State before the treatment.. I was really buay tahan with my hair already..

And now I have a savior, Winson, Director of Hair Studio to save my hair and to give me beautiful colours! First Up, He bleached parts of my hair to colour later and I must say it did not hurt at all! -Thumbs Up-

Show you all his smile, Handsome anot? :)

Mandatory Selfie with part one of the 6 hour process. At this moment I still had no idea what colour is going on my hair. I left it to winson to decide! :)

After Bleaching one time for 30minutes with no heat at all. Why did I mention No Heat, its because some salons out there uses heat to quicken the bleaching process which is more harmful to the hair than bleaching already does. So please take note hor everyone! :)

This time, at Hair Studio, I was given a chance to try out the Elumen Hair Colour by Goldwell which has protective properties to the hair and longer lasting hair colour! It's all exciting to me that my hair will be treated the best at Hair Studio.

Hair Colour and Elumen Highlights on my head! YAY! My Base Colour was just a ash tone added to my hair. I was really excited about the outcome of my hair already! 

Tadaaaaaaa ! Now I have Beautiful hair, a New Hair Cut, New Colours on my head ! All thanks to Winson and Hair Studio! And before I left, Winson did some hair styling to my new locks! Hoho. I love extra services like this! ♥

Look at the intricate Braid and how he made my new hair colours show with this hair style. 

And He left the other side of my head with loose curls. I feel like it was a male/female look together! You know what I mean? Hahaha. If you would ask me how do I feel at this point, I would tell you I am Super Happy with the results!!

Once again, Thank you Winson and everyone at Hair Studio for my beautiful hair and I wish you guys all the best for the New Year and I wish Hair Studio a more Prosperous New Year and Customers will keep coming in! With your strategic location, I do not think it will be difficult for you guys to HUAT la! ^^

Here's my Hair after 1 week since I stepped out of Hair Studio and The Colours are still Vibrant! And As I'm typing this post, My hair is 4 weeks old and my hair colour is still as vibrant as I first Stepped out of the salon. And you know how bright hair colour will drop in the first few wash, Mine Didn't at All! It's true, No colour was found on my towel on my 1st, 2nd, 3rd wash and so on. YAY ! 

So you guys reading this now, Do visit Hair Studio to get your hair cut or hair coloured by them!
You can look for Adamz or Winson when you are there, They are both great! :)

With Love, M