Thursday, January 23, 2014

[F.T] AZUR Chinese New Year 2014!

With the Chinese New Year Song Ringing in your ear when you step in to any shopping mall or shops in Singapore, Are you already feeling the CNY mood like I do? :) And with CNY comes reunion dinners and friends gathering for steamboat and lou hei, but do you want to make some special changes this year? Why not have your reunion/gathering dinner a buffet style? :)

Azur Restaurant aims to bring a taste of spring home with sumptuous Prosperity Yusheng options created by Executive Chef, Andrew Tharm, and his skilled team of culinary professionals available from 20 January – 14 February 2014.

Crowne Plaza's Prosperity Yusheng - Contemporary Version $48++
Alternatives are available: Wolf Herring ($48++), Sliced Abalone ($88++) and Mock Abalone ($42++)(Vegetarian Option) Each Set of Yusheng can serve up to 8 people and is also available for takeaway!

I love Lou Hei (Prosperity Toss) because of the salmon or the fishes that goes along with the shredded vegetables and the process of tossing where everyone will say good wishes for the New Year like "Best of luck for Work!", "Hope to strike 4D ah!" , "Good Health the whole year!" etc. I love the joyous vibes that radiates off everyone.

The following dishes that you are about to see are all available on the buffet line, eat to your heart's Content!

Smoked Duck with Citrus Fruit & Lychee
This refreshing cold dish will be served at the appertizer station (remember that Azur has a Buffet Line). Welcome Spring with this pair, Succulent Smoked Duck paired with citrus fruit to give a sweet start to spring!

Fortune Pig Trotter with Dried Oyster and Black Moss
Traditional CNY Hot Dish served Piping hot in chaffers. This Pig Trotters has Melt in your mouth Fats and Tender Meat. I think this is enough reasons for you to go try it! I personally loved it!

Double Boiled Dried Scallop and Golden Enoki Soup with Shredded Meat
Served as Asian Option at the Crown Soup Kettle (Next to seafood on ice)

Fried Rice with Eight Treasures
Executive Chef Andrew Tharm's rendition of 八宝炒饭. The 8 Treasures are: Gingko Nuts, Lotus, Prawns, Ham, Edamame, Waxed Pork Belly, Carrots and Eggs. This is one fried rice I would not miss out on the buffet spread. Normally I would skip the Carbs when I'm having a buffet but for this, I'll definitely make an exception. Fresh Prawns and crunchy nuts and the flavour of  the Waxed Pork Belly & Ham makes it unstoppable!

Steamed Seabass with Snow Fungus and Lilt Flower
The Most Important point for all seafood dishes is Freshness. If it's Fresh, It's good enough for me. The Vibrant Colours of the wolfberries and Lilt Flowers made this simple Steamed Seabass dish a more appetizing (and photo worthy) one!

Sea Cucumber with Chinese Mushroom Casserole
I'm no Veggie person but the cut of the Sea Cucumber in this dish is definitely eye opening. And Mushroom Lovers, Please just go dive into the huge Chinese Mushroom goodness. The other diners at the table were praising the mushrooms for being huge and not tough.

Eefu Noodles with Shimeji and Yellow Chives
I'll Love My Ee Fu Noodles Anywhere Possible. It's almost hard to find a good Eefu noodle out there now in Singapore that I treasure every single time I have it, and Azur's Version did not disappoint!

Osmanthus Creme Brulee with Seasonal Berries
A Play on the western style dessert with a touch of oriental goodness - the Fragrant Osmanthus Flower infused into the creme brulee is definitely a first for me and it was delighfully pleasant. 

Cherry Clafoutis with Vanilla Sauce
The Cherry Clafoutis is a light pudding filled with juicy cherries. Vanilla sauce is served seperately to be drizzled as per customer's desire at the Dessert Bar

Check out the pricing for the Chinese New Year Period and so On so as to not miss out on this great spread by Azur, Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport.

Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner (30 January 2014)
Adult: $88++ Child: $44

Chinese New Year Brunch (31 January – 1 February 2014)
Adult: $68++ Child: $34++

Chinese New Year Dinner (31 January – 1 February 2014)
Adult: $78++ Child: $39++

Auspicious Buffet Lunch (3 – 7, 10 – 14 February 2014)
Adult: $48++ Child: $24++

Auspicious Buffet Dinner (2 – 14 February 2014)
Adult: $58++ Child: $29++

Auspicious Buffet Brunch (2, 8 – 9 February 2014)
Adult: $48++ Child: $24++

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Everyone a Advance Happy Chinese New Year & HUAT AH Everyone!!

Love, M