Friday, January 17, 2014

[F.T] Bliss House Welcomes the New Year with a New Menu

I'm a believer in Love and I love dining in themed cafes and Restaurants. Where do I find Love and Food Together? I know of a place called Blisshouse, where Love thrives in the most unlikely places. It is situated A midst our urban concrete jungle, such a delight to dine in.

I was invited for a tasting session with Celes and Kaman and I was excited to revisit Blisshouse again!

p.s: Photos taken in this post are using a 50mm F1.8 Lens borrowed from Celes. :)

I cannot live without drinks on my Table, even if it is just plain water! Haha, we got to try out some of the Ice Blended Drinks from the menu and I'm definitely not a Chocolate drink person. :)

The 2 chocolatey Drinks were surprisingly not over sweet like how some restaurants like to make it. The Passionfruit Oreo Bless was my favourite out of the 2! My choice, Bliss Yogurt Mango Perfume Smells as good as it taste. Not too sour and not too sweet, no artificial taste!
Drinks (L to R): Bliss's Passion Fruit Oreo Bless, Bliss's Yogurt Mango Perfume, Bliss's Mint Chocolate Oreo Bless - $12.00 Each

Who would say no to Nachos ? I would never miss out on nachos if possible! Blisshouse's Version has Smoked Chicken, Salsa, Aioli, Jalapeno Chilli, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese on Crispy Corn Chips baked to perfection. Yes, All these delicious ingredients are baked together with the chips so that the flavours are more enchanced! 
Nachos - $10.00

Appetizer was Fresh Scallops and Prawns marinated with Lime, Garlic, Dill and Olive Oil. Pan-seared to perfection served with light Carrot and Cucumber slaw.
Pan-seared Marinated Scallop and Prawns - $22.00

I love my pasta, Linguine to fusili to Spagetti. This Pan-seared marinated Scallops with tagliatelle tossed with Aglio Olio style was something I would choose when I'm craving for something not wet yet delectable.
Scallops Tagliatelle - $22.00

My Favourite of the night, This Pork Belly Confit has Slow braised 230g Pork Belly in bacon, Sage and Cream till tender served on a bed of Buttered Tagliatelle. I cannot explain how much the pork belly goes well with the tagliatelle. I could finish it off myself and not feel gelat at all.
Pork Belly Confit with Latte Tagliatelle - $20.00

Duck Leg bone is sous vide with Orange and Thyme served with Roasted Potatoes and Ratatouille with Orange Sauce. This is a good duck confit but definitely not the best. 
Orange Duck Confit - $28.00

Salmon wrapped with Parma Ham sous vide then finish in oven. Served with Roasted Potatoes, Garden Salad and Leek White Wine Sauce.
Parma Ham Wrapped Salmon - $28.00

When I saw this Oven Baked Cod Fish coated with Sundried Tomato Pesto on White Mornay Sauce, I knew I had to order it, I love my Fish, Any Fish! It is served with Roasted New Potatoes, Baby Asparagus topped with light Carrot and Cucumber slaw. Do not be deceived by it's "black brown" texture, what is hidden inside is a piece of good fish that you will crave for more!
Tomato Pesto Oven Baked Cod Fish - $38.00

My Favourite Time of the meal, Dessert time. Blisshouse serves up a Traditional Italian recipe tiramisu with a kick of Kahlua liquor served with dark chocolate coco powder. I love the moist fingers and the taste of the kahlua liquor! Yums!
Tiramisu - $11.00

The name of the dessert got me really excited to try it out. The Bacon Infused cream made into a velvetie custard slow baked to perfection topped with caramel crust was not strong in the savoury flavour but still good in the sweet custard and caramel crust. A little disappointed on the bacon flavour.
Bacon & Eggs Crème Brulee - $9.00

There are way more items on the menu and we could not finish trying them out, I would highly suggest ladies to go on wednesday nights to enjoy the free flow of somersby with your meal and make it a lovely night with good company, good ambience and good food.

With Love, M