Sunday, November 10, 2013

[F.T] Full House Signature - Newly Opened at Clark Quay

Fullhouse Signatute brings new dimenstions to wedding and dining experience, with an edge in creating a dream home for all. It caters to Family Gatherings, High Tea Sessions, Relaxing Meet-ups, Chill out and Showcase of Artistic.

The four members of the Fullhouse Family, Thomas(Dad), Tracy(Mum), Tony(Son) and Tiffani(Daughter) will inspire the Menu Change Everytime they travel around the world for their annual vacation.

Tangy and Sweet, This Calamansi Grape Blended Drink is great to refresh your taste buds and also good on it's own! The Green Apple Jelly did not stand out to me though.
Calamansi Grape with Green Apple Jelly - $8

My New Favourite Forest Mushroom Soup I've Had, The Chefs blended all the mushrooms together to create this thick and creamy soup that is not gelat and you can still chew slightly on the mushroom bits! Paired with their Garlic Toast, It is delicious! 
Cream of Forest Mushroom - $9

 Cheese Lovers Alert, This Whole Stick is mad of 100% CHEESE, If you are not a Huge Fan of Cheese, I advise you to not order this alone.. It will turn a little soggy if you leave it out for some time but nonetheless, Cheesy..
Crunchy Cheese Sticks -$11

Golden Crabmeat Ball - $11

Huge Italian Meatballs baked with Cheese and Tomato Sauce, Meatball was tender but not Juicy Enough, Tomato Sauce added another level of pleasure to this dish to make up for the dryness.
Italian Meatball - $17

I call this the open-faced Ravioli, although I have not had my fair share of Raviolis in Singapore, the common ones are always in a small pouch looking pasta while Fullhouse's Version is presented in a Huge Conch Shell Pasta with the delicious fillings baked together with Cheese. Hmmmm...
Fullhouse Ravioli - $25

Huge Lamb Shank on a bed of Truffle Mash and poached greens, If you do not like the smell of Lamb, Do not Consider this, If you love Lamb, Give it a Try!
Braised Lamb shank - $29

I always have a certain criteria for my Aglio and Fullhouse's Version did not impress me. It was a tad dry, might be due to the phototaking process before I put it into my mouth, Garlic flavour was lacking and Scallops were not the freshest I've had.. I would still go for it if I was craving for Aglio if I'm visiting!
Scallop Aglio Spagetti - $22

Very Unique Sauce created by the chefs themselves at Fullhouse Signature, Raisin Black Pepper Sauce. A Mixture of Sweet, Savory and a little Spiciness, goes surprisingly well with the tender and lightly marinated chicken chop. Also served with truffle mash, I'm starting to crave for the mash as I'm posting about this!
Chicken Chop with Raisin Black Pepper Sauce - $25

Upon every Order, The Bartender will come to you to display a table trick where he will light up a small amount of bacardi and do a very neat trick to set the snow white on Fire, Do request to see it in low lighting to ensure the most gratifying experience!
Snow White On Fire - Unique House Cocktail

People Might Say this dish resembles our local snack, Goreng Pisang(Deep Fried Battered Banana), But I beg to defer, this is Fried Breaded Bananas! The choice of Banana by Fullhouse Signature complements with their homemade Vanilla Ice Cream! Must Try!
Banana Paradise - $9

I was actually looking forward to this Molten Chocolate Cake when I saw it on the Menu, but to my surprise, there wasn't any Molten Lava flowing out of the cake but I must say, The cake is super delicious, served with their homemade vanilla Ice cream and SWEET Strawberries! You tell me how many desserts places you go to serve you sweet strawberries? Haha, MUST TRY ALSO!!
Molten Chocolate Cake - $9

With the Group of Bloggers who attended and Thank you to Mapwerks for the Invite and Fullhouse Signature for Hosting us!

Just Scan the QR Code below to be entitled to a 1-For-1 Main Course when you dine at Full House Signatures! SOOOOO GOOOOOOD LOR!! 

SCANNNNNNN AWAY ~~~~~~~ :) Share with ALL your Friends and Family and Relatives even!

Fullhouse Signature Singapore
3A, Clark Quay, River Valley Road
#02-04, Singapore 179020
TEL: 6338 0885

Nearest MRT: Clark Quay
Direction: Take Exit C from Clark Quay MRT and Walk over the Read Bridge, Go down the Stairs on the left and you will see Fullhouse on the 2nd Level, Right about Tomo Restaurant! :)

Thank you for Reading! :)
With Love, M