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[F.T] Sukhothai Kitchen at Ang Mo Kio

With so many Thai food joint opening up in Singapore, it is hard to find tasty and affordable ones located in the heartlands. I know there are places like Nakhon Kitchen but there is always a long queue ma, So today I'm going to introduce to you a place that has cheap and Good Thai Food in Ang Mo Kio.

Located at Blk 408 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 #01-773 Singapore 560408, near the famous 409 Market is this little Thai food joint has a striking orange signboard that is hard to miss.

Serving up Thai Dishes that is made to suit local tastebuds but still retaining the authentic Thai Flavour.
Thai Ice Tea is something i would definitely Order when ever I visit a Thai Food Joint and Sukhothai's Thai Ice Tea is one of the better ones I've had in Singapore. 
Thai Ice Tea - 

Thai Street food and Snacks are to die for being that they are full of flavour! Sukhothai has done them pretty well and They used a "secret weapon" which makes their dishes more authentic which I will share later.

Commonly order item at Thai food joints, The Deep Fried Garlic Pork is so fragrant that all the bloggers present that day could not stop commenting on how delicious it smells. It might be due to the fact that this was the first dish that was served but trust me, the following dishes do not disappoint as well.
Deep Fried Garlic Pork -$6 / $10, Rice Set $5

Sukhothai's Home made Prawn Cakes are not oily and you can really see the prawn meat in it. I have not tried prawn cakes before despite many visits to thai joints but this does leave a good impression!
Homemade Thai Prawn Cake - $5 (2pcs) / $10 (4pcs)

Pandan chicken - $6 (3pcs)/ $10 (5pcs)

With so many versions of Fried Mince Pork/Chicken with Basil Leaf in the market, where are the truly good ones? Sukhothai Kitchen's Version is pretty good in my opinion. With just the right amount of spiciness and flavour, It's addictive with the crunch of the long beans together.
Fried Mince Pork with Basil Leaf - $8 / $12 , Rice Set $5

While it still remains a mystery(to me) why Clear Tom Yum Soups are more spicy and has more kick than the Red Tom Yum Soup, It doesn't matter as long as it's good Tom Yum Soup. I would need to get my hands on cooking my own tom yum soup to be able to understand it myself I guess, But I am now bias towards Clear tom yum soups as I love the excitement. Fresh Seafood is essential in a good tom yum soup and sukhothai kitchen's version is lacking in the sour factor(in my opinion) but definitely powerful in the spiciness factor! 
Tom Yum Seafood Clear - $5 / $10

If you know me well enough, I am a "No Veggie" person. I do not like greens, which means Vegetables in any sorts. But I do have my exceptions, Just like this Fried Kai Lan with Roast Pork. When this was served I was blown away by the aroma of the roast pork and garlic. I had to try it and I did not regret one bit. The Kai Lan was fully infused with the roast pork flavour but it wasn't oily and I kept on eating and eating!
Fried Kai Lan with Roast Pork - $8 / $12

Pineapple Fried Rice - $5

Thai Food has always amaze me with their use of simple ingredients to create extraordinary dishes. This Squid in Spicy Lemon Sauce is special it brought out the freshness of the squid. The squid itself was cooked to perfection and was the right tenderness, Chewy but not overcooked. 
Steam Squid in Spicy Lemon Sauce - $8 / $15

I love Phad Thai! I would jump at any chance to eat Phad Thai if I spot it! Haha. But many places could not deliver the exact phad thai that I crave for. The version I had at Sukhothai was similar to my ideal Phad Thai, not too sweet and a little spicy, Fragrant and smooth, not sticky and full of fresh ingredients. :)
Phad Thai - $5

Highlight of the day was this seemingly simple glass noodle with prawn dish, But what took me by surprise was how well the glass noodles soaked up the flavour of the stock and the flavour of the prawn was visible too. What Sorcery is this! This was my favourite dish among the whole table of food that was presented. And FYI, I was full to the brim when this dish was served and YET I could devour it like I haven't eaten for days. It just goes to show it's really good! Definitely a MUST -TRY !
Baked Glass Noodle with Prawn - $16 / $22

Look at the table full of delicious and affordable Thai food. Are you drooling now as much as I am? YES! I'm craving for this so badly now! T__T

So head down to Sukhothai Kitchen to get a taste of Thailand and More! And the Secret Weapon that Sukhothai uses is non other than Thai Garlic which are Smaller Than Normal Sized Garlic by Half it's Size!
pic credit: Tiffanyyong.com

Picture with fellow bloggers present and Owner of Sukhothai Kitchen, Mr Francis, Thank you for hosting us!
pic credit: Tiffanyyong.com

Sukhothai Kitchen: Ang Mo Kio (outlet visited)
Blk 408 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
#01-773 Singapore 560408

Operating Hours:
Weekdays - 11:30a.m to 02:30p.m, 05:30p.m to 09:30p.m
Weekends - 12:00p.m to 03:30p.m, 04:30p.m to 10:00p.m

Other branches:

Sukhothai Kitchen: Bugis
52 Queen Street Singapore 188539 (Tastebud Foodcourt)
Operating Hours: 11.30am-10.30pm
Order/Reservation: 8141 3636
Sukhothai Kitchen: Bukit Merah
1080 Lower Delta Road Singapore 169311
Operating Hours: 11am-11pm
Order Reservation: 8141 3535

With Love, M

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