Thursday, December 26, 2013

How was My 2013?

As the year is coming to an End, Many Thoughts are flowing through my mind and I wish to thank so many people for their help and understanding this year and I am also grateful for all the love that everyone have showered on me in 2013, My Readers, My Friends, My Sponsors, THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Highlights of my year:


My First Recipe on the Blog:



I got "Cheated" for the first time of my money due to my obsession:

I attended a Talkshow recording for the first Time in my life and I got to meet many Stars and awesome people: /


I made A Huge Decision which I am Glad I finally did:


I went to See the Panda's with thanks to Openrice SG:


I Got Invited to my Favourite Secondary School Hang Out Place for a Tasting:

Nothing Happening on my blog in June because I was too busy with my religious stuff which I find it hard to explain to everyone, I will explain it to you guys soon.. When I find the chance. :)

LOL Toggle Recording for Season 2! Congratulations!!

I went for my favourite Instant Food Brand, CP, Blogger's Party:


I did a guide on how to buy things from taobao using a agent(

And I got Up close with a French Model.. Oooohh..


I Turned 21 YEARS OLD! :) (but my birthday chalet blog post is serverly overdue..)

I participated in a Campaign and I won something for myself for the first time. :)

I went for my first foot reflexology in Singapore at Feet Haven:


I found a beautiful place to have some good seafood and to chill out with friends!

I went for another Food trail, this time in Tampines 1!

The Christmas Mood was already setting in In November with LollyTalk!

Went on the Naval Ship RSS Endurance for the first time in my life and I must say I am Impressed!

I've been busy hunting for presents and planning parties that I hardly had time to blog! REALLY PAISEH!

I had a sparkling Christmas with the Intercontinental Hotel Groups!

And I wanna Thank Morganfield's Singapore for giving me a Chance to host my own small Christmas Party with their Festive Christmas Platter!


All in all, My 2013 has been a Wonderful one and I could not have enjoyed it if without everyone who appeared in my life, With many First Times and Too many exciting memories that I will never forget. And also, I have witness the vulnerability of life with the few natural disasters that Happened and My most sincere condolence to their family.

I wish Everyone to have a great 2014 ahead and Start Buying all the Chinese New Year Clothes and Prepare to Gamble During the Chinese New Year to win some Extra Pocket Money! And I also wish myself to advance further in my career and also in my blogging world and I will say this again, I want to slim down! Hahahahaha! Let's see if I can do this in 2014 alright? :)

What's Huge that is coming up in 2014 for me is:

Bangkok Trip on 11-15 January!
Laneway Festival on 25th January!
2NE1 Concert on 4th April!

I can't wait for these exciting things to happen! Do you have things to look forward to in 2014? :) Share them with me! Hahaha, I would love to hear about it!

With Love, M