Thursday, December 26, 2013

[F.T] Mischiefous - Gelato in your Neighbourhood

I would love it If The Ice Cream Man could be here whenever I need him to satisfy my Craving for Ice Cream. I would love to have a Ice cream shop around my neighbourhood but, the nearest I have is a Macdonalds.. So I envy you guys who stay at Tampines Block 801!

Blk 801, #01-261
Tampines Avenue 4
Singapore (520801)

With Many Flavours for you to choose from, And some are really special for example: "Blue Stuff", Who the heck knows what goes inside that one? It might turn you into a smurf or Avatar? Joking!

Price Ranges from $3.40 for a Single Scoop to $15 for a Pint, depending on your needs and Favourites. Their Ice Creams are categorized into 3 different types, Standard Flavour, Classic Flavour and Premium Flavour!

Patrons can let your artistic flare go wild at Mischiefous, the Beautiful Board allows you to draw to leave your mark here! Look at the many different artistic drawings! It somehow makes me feel like I'm home with this part of the shop..

Waffle with Ice Cream, Price Tag is below $10 and I must say they serve up quite a good waffle, a little heavier on the egg flavour but it's good. Pictured is the Dragonfruit Ice Cream and the "blue stuff" ice cream. 

Belgian Waffle - $3.00 for Plain, Ice Cream charged seperately

Mischiefous serves up pretty decent Coffee as well, although no latte art to look forward to, It's worth a try!

Affogato - Thick Coffee Poured over a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream, Delicious!
Affogato - $3.80

Or you can just come and have a cup of Ice Cream and just Relax the day away.. :)

With Love, M