Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[F.T] Brewbaker Bar & Kitchen at Anchorvale Community Center

Tucked away in a corner at Anchorvale Community Center, Situated away from the city, they offer tranquility, and a chance to unwind with an innovative menu that brings you the best of both Japanese and Western cuisines – a definitive nod to their years of culinary know-how. And of course, a great beverage menu to complete your entire experience.

With Casual and Comfortable Dining Area, Customers are sure to feel relaxed while dining here at Brewbaker Bar & Kitchen. And with the special Japanese & Western Fusion cuisines on the Menu, I'm sure diners will have a wonderful time enjoying the different types of flavour.

A great example would be this Sashimi Ceasar Salad! I mean who would have though of adding sashimi to salad? At the most we add smoked salmon right? This was refreshing with the yuzu dressing and I enjoyed it very much! 
Sashimi Caesar Salad - $12.80

This dish that looks like tauhu goreng is nothing like it. These juicy handmade Japanese tofu is fried to a beautiful brown colour and and topped with bonito flakes and drizzled with a unique sauce that I couldn't tell. Haha. But nonetheless it was a wonder option to the normal agedashi tofu! :)

Atsuage Tofu -$11.80

Another fusion another surprise. Udon with carbonara sauce. Wow! The udon were al Dante as how we describe pasta that is well done . Coated with the creamy Carbonara sauce and topped with the runny sunny side up, it provides you with a option on whether to mix the egg yolk in or to slurp on it on it's own! 
Carbonara Udon - $12.60

Japanese Mushroom Pizza with lots of mushrooms that you will feel it's worth every cent! Hahaha.
Kinoko Pizza - $12.60

Beef Steak that is cooked over a long time on slow fire ensures all the juices are locked in . Paired with my favorite side - potato wedges, this is a enjoyable dish :)
New Zealand Beef Steak - $21.00

Beef Shabu Shabu - everybody scream!!  Thinly sliced beef to be brushed in the special Mirin & bonito flake broth with fresh vegetables . The broth was so good, we actually asked if there was a refill! :D
Beef Shabu Shabu (2 pax) - $28.60

Matsu Sushi Moriawase - $31.00 

Thick cuts of Rib-Eye for diners to BBQ themselves, I really love these D-I-Y kind of feeling, I'm sure you will enjoy it too! Non beef eaters have another delicious Option, it's Pork Belly! Woohoo! 
Rib-eye Yakiniku (BBQ) - $32.80

An array of desserts are available at Brewbaker Kitchen & Bar! Ranging from macaron to cupcakes to cheesecake! And they have a special cheesecake in a chocolate cup(picture below) . It has a thick base for the chocolate cup and I must say it's quite a treat! :)

So are you tempted to go down to this hidden gem to chill out and have a go at fusion Japanese X Western ? I know I'm dying to head back for the D-I-Y yakinuku pork belly!! Hahaha. 

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