Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1st Giveaway!

Hey guys! As Promised, its Giveaway time!
I am holding this giveaway with Aldaynez so we will be giving away afew items so there will be afew winners so more people will get something mah, Right? ^o^

First up is this super cute Notebook, the one in Brown, I love the winking little girl. <3

Next up, Iphone USB Cable! Since like 1234567 Thousand of us uses iPhones now, So this will be super useful for anyone, if you win this also can give to people if you dont use it.
There are 2 colours, So Choose, Red or Black!

Next Up is this set of decorative stickers! Super Cute Korean decoration stickers. ^.^

Next, Playbrick Earpiece! Yellow colour! My favourite colour! :)

Comes with a wire tie and extra ear plug thingy? :\

Here are the giveaway Item from  Aldaynez .
Its this Super Cute Teddybear , let's call it Cookie! ^o^

& also Nail Polish, Pink and Purple! This pair of items will be given away together ^o^

To win one of these items, follow these simple steps.

1. Follow our twitter @Michhysaurous , @AldaynezM

2. Mention me on twitter telling me what you hope to win.
e.g "@Michhysaurous I want  __________ from your giveaway! <3 #M&A1stGiveaway"


2. Comment on this post telling me what you want or send me an email at if you are too shy!  

3. Wait for the Giveaway to end and keep checking back to see if you win! ^o^

Simple Anot ? Hahahahahaha!

There will be a total of 7 winners for this Giveaway! Good Luck! <3

Giveaway Ends Wednesday, 18 January 2012 at 12Noon! So Hurry!