Monday, January 16, 2012

Meeting with Huixuanxuan!

Hello, I went Out With Huixuanxuan on Saturday for a meetup to get my headphone from her and also to grab some lunch ^o^ First time meeting her and she's super friendly! Totally no awkward time even though it was only our first meeting! ^o^ So we met at Cineleisure and I went to buy some earrings since I recently got my ears pierced. I have a feeling im going to stock up on ALOT of earrings now. hahahaha!

After we walk walk around cine for awhile, we went to Ramen Play for lunch! Its our first time there and so was her's, It was a new experience for us! When we reached Ramen Play, She suddenlt stopped and flashed out her DSLR, and I was like O_O, hahaha. First time going out with pretty and active blogger, #suaku me.
& I realized I didnt take much photos of the place. -.- what was I doing. So I left huixuanxuan to take pictures of the place while i ordered my Ramen! I was very excited about ordering the Ramen because Its was my first time there and I have been craving for it for some time le! Thank you berlin for accompanying me there! ^o^

So while waiting for our Ramen, we took pictures using my phone and we later posted it on twitter! ^o^ First & last picture with Berlin in my phone. LOL! hahahaha ! & this picture is she take and edit one, #nouse me. 

Then our drinks came, 7-UP!

My Ramen! Double Soup Cha Shu Ramen.
And in case you wonder why I have 2 halved eggs is because Berlin gave me hers. ^o^
**will update with prettier pictures when I get them from berlin ^o^ 

Look at the egg, becos it deserves a SOLO shot! SUPER YUMMY!

And we ordered Gyoza as well!

Review of Ramen Play
Yummy & Springy Noodles, Not too floury taste, Cha Shu very tender.
Double Soup is AWESOME, tasted like fish flakes soup. Fish Flakes are those pieces of thing on your Takoyaki ^o^


After Lunch, we went walking around *Scape Flea and I bought this box of lashes at only $4 for 10 pairs! Berlin recommended them because they look like Dolly Wink lashes So I bought them!
Pretty Right ? ^o^

After that we were on the way to Takashimaya and we saw this CNY decoration infront of idk what shopping mall. #notatownkid. Its a dragon made up of many many flowers! Quite creative!

Then when we reached takashimaya, I told berlin I wanted to go downstairs to take a look at the revamped japanese food place, But in the end its the same BUT they REMOVED MY CREPE SHOP ! WHY !!!!!
So Berlin saw this taiyaki shop and she wanted to eat the chocolate & banana flavoured one. & She told me that bananas can make people happy as well, just like chocolates! Cool Right? #FunFact

Then I had to leave and go home because it was a regular Saturday Night~

I am really happy to meet berlin and she's super cute and I feel that she's someone who trust you and would tell you anything that she feels or believes in. She shares her experiences with you like as if you were her long time friend. Very comfortable experience going out with her, Thank you Berlin! <3