Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Giveaway Results! ^o^

Giveaway Results!!!

First Up, I would like to thank all of you who have helped me spread around and took part in my Giveaway :)
I promise a better Giveaway soon ! Do keep checking back at my blog! ^o^
Holding a Giveaway is FUN! 

Well, I am here to announce the 7 Lucky Winners of my Giveaway!
Im sorry I couldn't satisfy all of your wishes but at least someone gets something! :)

The Winners:

Playbricks Earpiece: Stephanie Leong
Because only 1 person who wanted this:)

Teddybear Cookie: Royz Bushy Bushy @RoyzJunZhong
Because only 1 person wanted this :)

Red USB Cable: Ruthanne Lynn @thyyqueen

Brown Girl Note Book: Celine Leong

Now to go on to the 3 prizes that nobody choose, but I'm giving them out anyway ^^

Black USB Cable: Simon Fong @SimonGoneWild

Korean Decorative Stickers: Lynn Phua

Nail Polish: Rosaline Arelle L @BLUESHHIT

For the last 3 prizes I have chosen them using the fruit machine since there were 3 gifts that were not being chosen by anybody but I choose to give them out anyway! I got Proof Okay!

Please Send me an Email: latest by friday to claim your prize so that I can send your items to you. ^o^
p.s: For the guy who won the teddybear, you can opt for a meet-up to collect the bear. :)

Congratulations to all the winners stated above and remember to keep checking back for more attractive Giveaways~ <3