Monday, January 9, 2012



Chinese New Year Coming & Im feeling very excited because,
1. Can Get ANG POWS $_$
2. Can get to eat all the YUMMY FOOD!
3. Can wear my Pretty CNY Clothes
4. After Chinese New Year My Internship GOING TO FINISH LIAO! (Y)

So Chinese New Year, A Must go place is CHINATOWN ! Woohoo !
& This Year is the Year of the DRAGON! *RAWR*

We went for dinner & it was G's Treat! YAY! We had Popiah(my craving + Recommendation), Bak Kut Teh & SugarCane Juice. I thought the Bak Kut Teh was abit Expensive, But It was yummy, so okay lo! :)

Super Love This Brand Name, MY Fave Popiah! ♥

Mine always No chilli, No beansprout ^^

The Bak Kut Teh, Claypot one ley! *Hot Hot*

After Dinner we went to walk walk around the Streets to gather more Chinese New Year Mood, But All around were just Taiwanese Jelly, Melon Seeds and New Year Deco, Nothing Special and not much CNY mood Yet. So G and I decided to go over to OG to walk walk and enjoy Air Con ^-^
After OG, we headed to Hougang Mall because I wanted to go to Cotton On to look at some clothes.

Then G asked me if  I wanted some desserts, and he treated me with "Yang Zhi Gan Lu" (Mango with Sago and pomelo) from the DessertStory Shop. Its Expensive ($4) considering it not being a big bowl you know? But it was satisfying! <3

Then On Sunday(Yesterday), I went to Chinatown with my little brother and his family and my family!
We stopped at this big tentage selling all these new year decorations, So pretty!

& Look, Hello Kitty Deco! 
*I thought this year is the year of the dragon* 

There! Dragon Babies! So CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! <3 Im going to get one of these! *Grabs*

& whats CNY without the GOD of FORTUNE ! *Ka-Ching Ka-Ching*

After that we went to walk the streets and look at my Little Bro, the hat suited him and he wanted to buy it but it was so expensive, 1 for $6 ! *Faints*

Then we continue walking and we saw a small shop selling muffins and crepes. Being a sweet tooth & a fan of crepes, I bought the Mango Crepe! OMG, Super Yummy and it was full of fillings ! MAJOR WORTH IT MAN! You All Should Go Try it ! My sist tried the durian one and it was filled with durian too! WOW!

Go find, Go find, Easy to Spot!

We continued to walk and we came to a shop where they sell peanuts and Melon Seeds at a much cheaper price, compared to other shops, So...... BUY LA! Hahahahas! We tried all the different flavours of melon seeds and peanuts, hahahas! #typicalsingaporean
I decided to buy the garlic peanuts, they are SUPER AWESOME, will go back to grab more with G this weekend!

Then it started to rain heavily, so we went under shelter and we passed by this shop with all these super cute owls! They come in many shapes & sizes! Want to grab them home ? ^~^

And after being under the rain, Hair wet, clothes drenched, Make up gone except Eyeliner, Haha.

Hope you have enjoyed my Brief CNY Chinatown introduction! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

p.s: Im going back this Friday or saturday! Catch me Catch Me ! Text me, Tweet Me ! ^~^

p.s.s: Im holding a giveaway probably this wednesday or thursday!
Check back soon ! <3