Monday, October 14, 2013

[F.T] Ramen Champion New Introduction to the Family

Since it started in 2011, the ULTIMATE RAMEN CHAMPION competition has established itself to be a favorite amongst lovers of Japanese cuisine. Over 13 brands have participated and the spirit of competition has brought about the desire to produce high-quality and good-tasting ramen to the delight of ramen lovers everywhere.

Currently one of the largest ramen operations in Singapore, it has served over a million satisfied customers from its 2 outlets in Changi Airport and Bugis+, with new outlet at Great World City opening in early November 2013. Despite its success, Ramen Champion still continues to strive to provide for the best in order to satisfy the cravings of its customers.

This Year, Ramen champion came up with a Ramen Big Eater Challenge, which is part of Food Challenge Asia Championship which involves Ramen Champion branches in Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. Eight lucky participants will be selected during the qualifying round on 2 October 2013 to take part in the final challenge against renowned big eater Tomoko Miyake on 14 November 2013. In the qualifying round, participants will compete based on the number of bowls of ramen that they can consume from the new Tonkotsu brands, Mendokoro Aoi and Tonkotsu Itto from Japan.

So who are these 2 New Ramen Contenders added to the Ramen Champion Family, Tonkatsu Itto and Mendokoro Aoi?

Deemed as the new generation of Tonkotsu ramen, armed with flashy red light-box signage, Mendokoro Aoi is a popular joint with a large following of female customers. Chef Kazuo Sakuraoka’s secret formulated broth is light and does not contain the smell of pork bones. The Light Broth will allow anyone who dislikes the strong taste of pork to enjoy a decent bowl of ramen and the tantalising pork belly swimming in it.
Tonkotsu-Ramen Champion - $16.50

Also known as a Cha Shu Salad if you cant pronounce the name of the dish like I did. 
Tender Pieces of Cha Chu with Melty Pieces of Fat layered between, paired with the unique sauce and the crisp vegetables, its a pleasure to savour it.
Chashu Carpaccio - $7.00
Garlic Butter Potato - $5.00 
Deep-fried Tofu with Japanese Sauce - $4.00
All of the above is from Mendokoro Aoi..

In contrast, Tonkotsu Itto chooses to remain true to the traditional style of Tonkotsu. Owned by Tokyo’s number 1 ramen shop, Menya Itto, this is the establishment’s first overseas outlet. Its Broth is Full on Flavour and with the Generous pieces of Cha Shu that practically hangs themselves over the edge of the bowl, I love this bowl more. But I could not imagine myself competing in the Big Ramen Eater Championship and swallowing too many of this goodness at 1 go. ><
Special Tonkotsu Ramen - $16.50

The Popular Choice in Ramen Champion, Recommended by Fellow Blogger Gin Wong, Was Buta God's Yakiniku Ramen. Not Beef But Pork Yakiniku. Flavourful broth that's sweet and the thinly sliced meat was cooked to a tender finish. the Broth was full but also sweet from the Yakiniku I guess, A little over powering for me but fellow blogger Gin Wong Loved it to bits.
Yakiniku Ramen - Buta 

Sukiyaki Bun - $3 each

So, Be sure to catch the Final Round of the Big Ramen Eater Competition as watch them battle it out against the petite Miss Tomoko Miyake ! It still shockes me at how much she can eat despite her body size. >< And Please do head over to Ramen Champion Outlets in Bugis+ Level 4 and give your vote to your Ramen Champion!

Final Round
Date: 14th November 2013 (Thursday)
Time: 3.00pm to 5.00pm
Location: Ramen Champion @ Great World City (1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City, #01-21/22, Singapore 237994)

For more information, visit Ramen Champion Singapore at 
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