Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hair Rebonding

Sooooooooooooo, Since Chinese New Year is Coming Around, I decided to go rebond my hair again!
I know some of you may be scolding me now because my hair doesn't look that bad But it IS !
Do you all always have the problem with your hair, which is like when you wanna do some major changes to your hair or when you are about to go to sleep, You Hair Just SUDDENLY *POOF* Looks Wonderful! lol. That's What I experienced la.. LOL.. I don't know about you all. :P

Here's The Back View, My Hair Looks Unevenly Dyed.. LOL. #DIYed

Inserts a Random Chinese New Year Decoration that I took with my Camera, No Filters No Editing at all!

Then I was Seated down and ready for the Few Hours of Hair Treatment.
*Im not going to state which shop I went to because I don't think that they are worth mentioning since they did a very bad job to my mum's hair.. lol.*

After like 2-3 Hours there(I was surprised because of my past experience, Rebonding of hair takes about 4 hours and above. LOL), Here's How My Hair Looks Like.. I Snipped off abit of the dead ends and it is also customary to cut off some hair before Chinese New Year right ? ^^ To Chop away all the bad luck? :)

I'm quite glad with the results though, It's not Too Harsh and there isn't a very strong chemical smell left on my hair, it smelled like shampoo instead. LOL. Yay to New Hair for New Year ! ^o^
Have you gotten a new year hair too? Share it with me! :)

Psst! Today Im going to get my hair dyed to Purple! muahahaha. 
No more uneven Hair Colour ♥