Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese New Year's Eve!

Hello Everyone! How are you today ? ^^
Counting your ang pows already? :P Well, Not For Me, I need to wait until the last day of Chinese New Year Then I can Open my Ang Pows. OMG THE SUSPENSE! Hahaha!
But I sure hope this year de "Economy" will be better ah! lol.

So here's what I did on Chinese New Year's Eve.
I woke up, Ate Breakfast, Wash some laundry and Changed my Bedsheet! YAY!
Why Yay? Because I can finally change into my Hello Kitty Bedsheet! *Throws Confetti*

And Here's What I wore to the Reunion Dinner at my Aunt's Place. *Don't Judge*


We had Steamboat and Glutinous Rice and Steamed Lap Cheong (Pork Sausages?) and Ice Cream and New Year Goodies and Many Many Packet Drinks! Hahahaha! ^o^ *Burp*
Then we Lao Yu Sheng, Standard Procedure and we got 2 Plates of Yu Sheng that day. WOW, Big Group we have as more and more members join this family ^^

After All the omnomnom, it is time for gambling. >:)
*Not Trying to show anything negative to the kids below 13* lol.
I think CNY is the only time we kids *coughs* can gamble abit of our pocket money away or win double the pocket money! Nobody ask you to bet $5 what, $0.50 also can, $0.10 also can one! Its just for the experience right? Come on parents, don't be so uptight! :)

After that, was to head home to watch the annual CNY show on Channel 8! And Of Course to See My Favourite Host Pornsak! YAY!!! ♥

And While Watching Tv, It is time to get the Ball Rolling and Let The Gambling Get Going! :O
Did that sentence just rhyme or am i a genius ? Hahahaha! Okay Im very lame here. 0-0''

So how did your Chinese New Year Eve Went? Was it a good one? Did you gamble? Or did you just stuff yourself silly with all the yummy food and new year goodies? Hahaha. Regardless of whatever you did on this day, Im sure there must be something for you to smile and remember about! Cheers for Ang Pows!