Friday, February 1, 2013

My RECENT HAUL ! Shopping Madness !

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen. :)
Its nearer to Chinese New Year and its the festive season for me to go Shopping again. lol.
Yes, I love to shop and If i could I would love to grab everything that catches my eye home, But no, Due to budget constrain, I will have to control myself, or just spot for more SALES!! ^o^

Here today is just a simple post to show you all what i have bought recently :)

- Disney Smarties
- Playboy's VIP Perfume
- Meiji Melty Kiss Chocolate (DA BOMB!!)

Disney Smarties came with Disney Stickers! ♥

Surfer Paradise Sales:
- Female Boxers/home shorts x 9
- Female Spag/tank x 2
Look at all the Cutesy Design & colours. Could not resist to buy because 3 for $10-$20, I forgot.

Malaysia SASA:
- Dolly Wink Eyebrown Pencil x 2
- Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner
- Marie Beauty Eyelash Glue (randomly bought a brand because I cant find my usual one)

- Charm Bookmark
- Emotions filled Bookmarks
- Daisy Earrings
-Red Black Gold Metallic Necklace
*First 3 items were as gifts, the last item is for myself! 
I like shopping at Jipaban because there are just too many things to buy and to look at!!

-Polka Dot Mini Cups (4 in 1 pack)

-Good Fortune Cups (Each sold separately)

-Simple off white bowls and spoon set (4 sets in 1 pack)

-Colourful Creative Markers (5 Colours in 1 pack)
* I just HAD TO get it!

- Good Fortune Recycle Bag (3 Colors Available)

- Little Red Flowers ($5.90 each, Other colours available)

- Yello Chrysanthemum ($3.90 aach, other colours available)

- Purple Chrysanthemum ($3.90 each, Other colours available)

Many Other Places:
- Heart shaped Chocolate Cups, Daiso
-New room socks, Daiso

- Generation Series Dress from New Look ($33.90)

- Laced Peplum top from H & M ($24.90)

-Hello Kitty Tissue
Top row from Guardian ($2.40)
Bottom Row from SASA Singapore ($1.50 i Think)

That's All ! Did I buy alot of things ? Hahaha!
I think i did, But its almost all for the sake of CNY ! *excuses*
I love shopping at places with Sales like H&M, New Look & F21 !
I recently bought a Hello Kitty X Forever 21 Limited Edition Bag! LOOK!

Its Only $27! OMG LA ! I went to the Somerset Branch that Evening after they launched it!
Hahaha, I am now officially a Hello Kitty Addict. I think I might be going back to get some other stuffs from there too. OMG.. *spend money like water*

So which products that I bought that you guys think that its Worth it or just plain spending on impulse?
Comment below or tweet me @Michhysaurous la okay? ^o^