Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chinese New Year is Coming!


Chinese New Year is coming soon! OMG!
Have you gotten all your clothes and shoes and bags ready ? :)
I think all our relatives would expect us to wear something like this:

And Look like this..

But I think we may look silly and look like this when we pose for pictures

The Babies have a better life, Wearing anything makes them cute

Because in the end they all end up like

For those who are older, they will be running around so they will dress up like this

Or many many other kinds that can be found at markets, or Chinatown or where ever.

And for us *coughs* Young Ladies, We can choose to wear Rompers on the first day of Chinese New Year just in case your inner gambler acts up and you are afraid that you might zao geng. :O haha.

And for those die die must wear dress, must be chio & stunning to WOW your relatives, or just simply shut their mouth up about your attire, Choose a dress that is not black, but not too red as well so that it's not too loud until people can spot its you afew blocks away. LOL.

For Guys, I don't think anyone wears this now right?

I know you all want to look like this, but its impossible for the crazy weather and all your relatives would be wondering if you have any important meeting or what after the visiting. lol! Want to be handsome but no need to be so act la!

What I would recommend for guys to wear would be Checks top, with a tint of red would be enough, no need to be bright red like an ang bao. haha. Checks go well with any bottom! Go creative!

And What's more exciting than wearing new clothes on CNY? Its the ANGPOW !! YAY!

I love receiving angpows, especially those that are uniquely designed and feel quite thick. lol!
Imagine all the Kachings ! haha. On a random note, does anyone write the names of the relative who gave you that ang pow so that you can keep track? :O 

Some other common things that will/MUST happen or have is the Lion & Dragon Dance!
Throughout the 15 days of CNY, drums of the different lion & dragon dance troupes will be heard all around Singapore. Whether it is at your house, at the Community Center, your neighbour's house, your boss house, your company, etc.. We all must Watch the performance at least once right ? Get in the mood! ^^

The Best & Worst Part of Chinese New Year?
The Goodies. All of them packed with high sugar content but irresistible to the mouth!
Oh Dear Why.. Bak Kwa..

Pineapple Tarts/ Balls..

Love Letters..

All other Snacks Available. :O

I'm sure after CNY all the ladies will tweet something like 
"OMFG, Eat So much during CNY, Now I must Starve myself to slim down already! #FML"
C-O-N-F-I-R-M Got at lease one on everyone's timeline in Singapore! Hahaha!
We Shall See.. Will be back to update this space real soon!